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Biological Inheritance and Evolution Argumentative Essay

Biological inheritance is the process by which children received the characteristics of its parental cell or organism. Through inheritance, variations exhibited by individuals can accumulate and causes a species to evolve. From the beginning of the earth to today’s modern world was built through evolution over millions of years. Evolution is the process of change…




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Evolution: An Ever Growing Wonder

The topic of Evolution has been a controversial topic since the day it came to light. People believe that one’s faith can be denatured like a protein if they begin to believe in the science of evolution. Others believe that there could not possibly be a greater being when we have knowledge of the science…



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Biocultural Evolution

The ever so enduring investigation of human beings tends to establish an intense controversy between clashing topics and theories. One of the more intriguing aspects of human beings are the theories and evidence of biocultural evolution. As members of this species, it is essential to understand our history and the evolution behind it. Jessica Thompson,…



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Two Examples of Evolution in Nature

Grasshoppers Change Their Tune The male Chorthippus biguttus uses a combination of high pitched and low pitched sounds (a harmony) to attract females to mate with. The females find that combination of the two tones the most attractive, so a C. biguttus lacking one of the sounds will be less likely to get a mate….





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Evolution and Archeology

The term evolution often puts one in mind of primate fossils and theories of apes developing into humans. This is not entirely correct. While there are primate ancestors which resemble apes more than humans, it is not the individual organism which evolves. This type of evolution, biological, occurs at a cellular level through genetic mutations…



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Magnesium: Evolution in Biological Systems

All the elements present on the Earth today were created gradually only after the Big Bang explosion; lighter elements like hydrogen and helium forming first and the heavier ones later. Heavier elements were formed inside the stars by the process called nucleosynthesis. As the universe expanded and cooled down, protons, neutrons and electrons (which were…




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Evolution of Group Living 

Evolution is the gradual progression of life towards complexity, and group living is a breakthrough in this regard. It is a mystery how the organisms evolved to come together in groups. Understanding cooperative breeding is vital towards the development of social behavior in animals.Some species have several constraints on independent breeding(maternal mortality, nest destruction,lack of…



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Natural Selection & Drought/Rainy Seasons

Natural selection is the mechanism of evolution also known as “survival of the fittest”. It can be defined as the natural process in which over time the most favorable traits are passed on and the weaker traits are removed. The Grants discovered that initially different species of finches had no preference in food, everyone ate…


Natural Selection,


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Examples of Darwin Evolution Theory

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change” ~ Charles Darwin. Here, Charles Darwin refers to the theory of evolution, the process by which organisms develop new adaptations to their environment over generations, increasing their chance of surviving and reproducing. There are…

Creation vs Evolution,


Natural Selection

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The Concept of Life Evolution

Picture this: billions and billions of atoms make up what we are. Cells working involuntarily, 24/7, slaving away to keep us alive with nothing in return. From the moment we took our first breaths and opened our eyes, without consciously knowing the significance of our own existence, our bodies, our surroundings, and this Earth. We…

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Creation vs Evolution,


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