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How Сomputing Сan Be Used For The Growth Of Film Industry?

Abstract This report is about how computing helped to the film industry. Simply behind the scenes of a film. Directors, editors , producers spend months or even years to film a masterpiece. ICT ease their work. They face various barriers. Computing helped them. By using various computer aided cameras, AI cameras, slow motion cameras,AR cameras…

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Trends In Computer Architecture

What is Computer Architecture? According to Mark Hill, he defined Computer Architecture as “the science and art of selecting and interconnecting hardware components to create computers that meet functional, performance and cost goals” INTRODUCTION Historically, computers have progressed to lower-cost devices, enabling new and innovative uses that expand the market for these devices and brings…

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Programming Language R and Its Characteristics

In the field of computer science, programming languages form the spine of software development. Statistical programming languages are those which have their focus on core functionality constructed on statistical concepts. Data science combines domain information, programming competencies, and knowledge of arithmetic and statistics to draw meaningful conclusions from a given set of data. Data scientists develop…

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My Professional Experience In Computer Science

The ever-increasing applications of data science and machine learning in technological development have intrigued me especially in the fields of Information Security, Health care, Internet Search, Website Recommendations, Speech/Voice/Video recognition, Fraud and Risk Detection, etc. This furthered my interest to opt for a Master’s in Data Science at your esteemed university which not only supplements…

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Data Clustering Analysis

Abstract Clustering is the process of division of data into the groups such that objects in the same group have similarity but are different to objects in other group. Clustering plays an important role in many disciplines and has wide range of applications. Data clustering objective is to discover patterns and structure in high dimensional…

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Nanosensors In Smart Agriculture

The horticulture segment controls the financial development of a creating nation. In the last decennium, nanotechnology has earned quality in and become the persuasive thingamabob in current horticulture . Here we audit nano-sensors and nano-biosensors as option of old style measurement strategies. Nanotechnology can support agrarian creation by improving supplement use proficiency with nano details…

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My degree is Mathematics and Computer Science

My first-choice degree is Mathematics and Computer Science. A few years ago I was just thinking that computer science is just the science of computers. Later, I realized that computer technology actually has penetrated almost in every aspect of our lives. It touches our lives from the movies we watch, the mobiles we use, to…

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Computer vision

Computer vision is a broad science that contains the objects detection and recognition as Important aspects. In this section, 1st we review SSD, fast R-CNN, faster R-CNN, mask R-CNN and the different versions of yolo model that used to detect object and give their advantages and disadvantages. 2nd we review lbph algorithm with haar cascade…

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My Way In Computer Science Application

In 2017, after l completed studying a degree in Computer Science, l got promoted to become an Assistant Systems Administrator. After working for a couple of weeks, l noted that the effectiveness and efficiency of the organisation was being hampered by an array of drawbacks. I noticed that the organisation was using obsolete information technology…

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Understanding of Computer and Systems Sciences

Introduction Computer science, as defined in Wikipedia, “is the study of processes that interact with data and that can be represented as data in the form of programs. Systems science, according to Wikipedia, “is an interdisciplinary field that studies the nature of systems in nature, society, cognition, engineering, technology and science”. Computer and systems sciences…

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