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Green Chemistry – Importance and Applications

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Green Chemistry also is known as sustainable chemistry looks at chemical products and processes that try to eliminate pollution from the generation of hazardous substances or by-products. Its objective is to reduce pollution by preventing hazardous by-products or substances from being generated. Green chemistry can have plenty of benefits for one’s health, the economy and…

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How Chemistry Changes the World?

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The history of chemistry goes way back and it affects us in our everyday lives if we realize it or not. Sitting there think about it we can’t really relate to a main example of chemistry used in life everyday. Truthfully I have come to realize that chemistry is very important in everyday lives. Just…

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Green Chemistry Against High Level of Pollution

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Green chemistry is the design of chemical products and processes that reduce or eliminate the use or generation of hazardous substances. It is employed on the life cycle of a chemical product which include its design, manufacture, use and ultimate disposal. Most experts said that water is next major environmental stress issue, also exceeding global…

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Fact that Chemistry is Everything

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It is a well known fact that Chemistry is everything and Chemistry is everywhere around us but the youth in the field of chemistry not getting employed. generally one will think that youth Chemists should be hot cakes in the labor market since they have roles to perform in almost all areas of human endeavors….

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Siderophores Definition and Their Role in Environment Argumentative Essay

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What are Siderophores? Siderophores are organic compound with low molecular masses. They are released by plants and microorganisms under iron limiting conditions. Their basic function is to bind with ferric ions (Fe3+) that are present in surrounding environment and transport them to microbial and plant cells. Siderophores not only have high affinity for ferric ions…

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Nuclear Chemistry Research : Definition of an Isotope

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An isotope is a different form of an element with the same number of protons, but differing numbers of neutrons and therefore different atomic massed.Two reasons for nuclear instability.Nuclear instability occurs because of unbalanced forces in the nucleus. The forces are unbalanced when:There is an excess of neutrons in nucleusThere is an excess of protons…

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Exploring Chemistry and Life

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Chemistry helps us to explain and describe our world in a more complex manner. The importance of chemistry in our lives and why is it so important to study it, is that chemistry is every activity we do in our daily routines, from as little as breathing to doing heavy duties. Although there is a…

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Relationship Between Chemistry and Pharmacology

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Chemistry is related to everything around us, and interferes with all fields in this life, because chemistry is the science which study properties and composition of materials and their transformations and the energy that result from these transformations and reactions. One of the most field related to chemistry is field of pharmaceutical. And Muslims sciences…

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Issue in Chemistry Education

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By 2040, rural areas all over the world will be well developed. This also included the school or also the education institutions in that area. This means that even the students learn in the school located in a rural area, they will get good facilities and learning tools the same as the other students in…

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Chemistry is an Important Factor in Life

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I believed that chemistry is an important factor in life, since I was in Senior Secondary School as it revolves round all human activities in several fields such as Chemical Engineering, Medicine, Pharmacy, Biology, Geology, Metallurgical Engineering and others. This fact stimulated me to study Pure and Industrial Chemistry in Nnamdi Azikiwe University to connect…

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Chemistry is a branch of science that deals with atoms, elements, and compounds, and it is due to chemistry, we have come to know about all the elements and their properties. Chemistry is a wide field, and if someone wants to cover specific aspects of this subject, they will have to make a lot of research. We have made the research easy for you and uploaded all the relevant content for writing the chemistry essay. This is no less than a blessing if you get the right and authentic content for any topic. We have separated all the topic dimensions and written on all the aspects to provide our audience with the best material. You can check all the sample essays, and it will assist you in writing a chemistry extended essay. It is a one-time investment, and it will require a very short time of yours as we have compiled all the relevant data in one place. So, invest some of your time reading the best chemistry essay example to write a good piece.

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