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My Community Service Experience

My volunteering experience started when I was in high school. Even though we had no clubs there. As students, we worked in teams to serve our community. The first event I volunteered in was the charity day. We collect donations for the association of disabled children in Bouargoub. I volunteered also for cleaning campaigns and…

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Movement of Feminism in India

It is a notion that Indian feminism in totality is a borrowed philosophy but Indians, however, did not have to borrow from the West feminism. Most scholars attribute the development of feminism to Western impact in India, disregarding the multicultural element of feminism–the demands and issues of females living in distinct nations are distinct. Indian…


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Societal Norms vs Feminism

A woman’s place is in the kitchen as many have said. The societal description of a woman is to nurture for her family while the man is meant to be looking or means of survival. This has how however changed in the recent past following the concept of empowerment and equality above the law. The…


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Civil Disobedience as a Peaceful Form of Rally

Abstract Civil disobedience is a tranquil form of rally toward specific laws. It is no the same was lawlessness. Models of civil disobedience are the civil rights movements of Martin Luther King Jr. and the bus boycott that Rosa Parks did. Another example is the civil rights movements of Gandhi. In the essay “Civil Disobedience…

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Pop Culture in Contemporary Non-Violence Movements

Media has become strong platform for society to express their ideas. Some are manifested into films, fashion, music, literature, social medias, as well as general visual and audio aesthetics or artworks, leading to the emergence of pop culture among media consumers. Having the power to influence through ideas, this essay would like to discuss the…

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History of Black Lives Matter Movement

This 2019 marks the sixth year of #BlackLivesMatter, an online campaign which began against police killings of black people in the U.S. The movement started on Twitter in a year after the acquittal of George Zimmerman, a police officer who shot dead an Afro-American teenager, Trayvon Martin, in 2012. Unfortunately, the rates of racism and…

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Zora Neale Hurston, Langston Hughes and the Harlem Renaissance

Zora Neale Hurston and Langston Hughes sharp humor, evocation of a vanished world, improvisational language, and unflinching portrayal of community relationships were key characteristics that made them key figures in the Harlem Renaissance, but their approaches and styles are radically different. The Harlem Renaissance also known as the New Negro Movement is unusual among literary…

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Social Movements

Social Change

Social movements are organized groups striving to work toward a common goal. These groups might be attempting to create change, to resist change, or to provide a political voice to those deprived of their rights and freedoms. Social movements create social change. Functionalist focus on why social movements develop, why they continue to exist, and…


Social Movements

Theme of Civil Disobedience in Antigone

From the beginning of time, civil disobedience has been a common theme in society. The word “disobedience” normally has a negative connotation. Disobedience is often defined as the refusal or neglect to obey. However, people still rationalize some forms of civil disobedience. In Sophocles’ Antigone, although written during the very first democracy of Athens, is…


Civil Disobedience

How Important and Relevant is Civil Disobedience Today?

Civil disobedience has been relevant throughout time and is still relevant today since it gives people a way to express how they feel about injustices from the government. Civil disobedience is important because it gives people a place to use their right to freedom of speech and speak about pressing topics that are relevant today….

Civil Disobedience

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