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Retributive Justice System

Retribution is a system of justice in which the offender is punished rather than being assisted to change. Retribution is a term that is linked to a Latin word “tribution” which is translated as “paying back.” Therefore, retribution is a justice system where the offender is required to pay back for the wrongs done through…




The Concept of Justice

Justice is a quality that is cross-cultural, adopted by distinct social groups, and appreciated by almost everyone. However, what is deemed honest relies on a multitude of variables, including fundamental principles and personal features such as character. Aristotle describes the principle of democracy as the personality of justice with which people behave justly and want…




My Opinion on Justice as Fairness

I shall argue my argument is influenced by John Rawl’s theory of justice as fairness. The equality principle is a segment of Justice as Fairness that represents distributive justice, and it is divided into two sections which include fair equality of opportunity and Discipline principle. The first one maintains that different positions should be made…



John Rawls Theory of Justice

John Rawls Theory of Justice includes two principles. In this Theory of Justice there are two principles he believed people should follow. The first out of the two principles is the equal right principle. In the equality rights principle, which states that, “each person is to be granted an equal right to the most extensive…

Civil Rights,


Idea of Justice in Movies and Stories

Justice broadly means the fulfilment of legitimate expectation of the individual under law and to assure him the things which he or she deserves. Justice, in true sense, tries to minimise the gap between the individual rights and the social good. It mainly emphasizes on the concept of equality and fairness amongst the human beings….

Film Analysis,



True Nature of Justice in The Merchant of Venice

The Merchant of Venice is a complex play that has many overtones interwoven throughout the play. One of the biggest overtones the reader must acknowledge in the play is the anti-Semitic nature of the text and this hate towards these Jewish characters. The Merchant of Venice is a most certainly the biggest display of this…



William Shakespeare

What is Transitional Justice

The quest for peace, stability and development in post conflict countries led to the idea of transitional justice. The African Union Panel of Wise report recounts how the end of the World War II, the Cold War and other civil wars that occurred post 1990 introduced a certain culture of impunity. These wars unleashed violence…



Rawl’s Theory of Justice

Justice is a concept that has been the focal point of normative political theory over the past 50 years, and John Rawls’s Theory of Justice is widely seen as the most important attempt to formulate a philosophy of justice and a theoretical program for establishing a fair and reasonable social account of social justice (Arrow,…



Legal Justice

Can revenge be justified and be as equally part of justice if they both seek retribution for a wrongdoing? Justice comes from a Latin word that means straight, fair, equal. It is a way of punishing people who break a law or rule that has been put in place deserve to be punished humanely, it…

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Police Brutality: Issue for Decades

Police brutality has been an issue for decades and is continuing to occur. Police brutality occurs when a police officer assaults a suspect when the suspect did not initiate violence. This usually happens when the suspect is either resisting arrest or committed an offense. Police brutality ranges from offending the police to resisting arrest. Although…


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Police Brutality

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