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Psychology of a Serial Killer, Antisocial Behavior, Genetics

Introduction Although accounting for only 1% of all murders in a given year in the United States, serial murders cases are usually not clear and the personalities involved in the murder are of great interest to psychologists and in popular culture as people attempt to solve the puzzle of the motivations behind a certain crime….



Serial Killer

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The Creations of a Serial Killer: Nature vs Nurture Research Paper

There’s a question that many people have caught themselves asking. Serial killers, is the way they’re nurtured the main reason they kill or are they simply born that way. As we grow older, what is the main impact that affects the way we are? Most people would say that it’s the environment. The people that…

Nature vs Nurture,

Serial Killer

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Serial Killers in the Media and in Real Life: Dexter and Ted Bundy

Introduction Each of us has some sort of guilty pleasure, whether it be chocolate, romance movies, or like myself and many others, murder related television. Our society tends to entrance themselves with things they cannot understand, which is exactly the case with serial murderers. Perhaps it’s the idea that someone could use their own volition…


Serial Killer

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Serial Killers: The Harpe Brothers

Worldwide, America has produced the most serial killers; The U.S. Is reported to have identified and recorded 3,0204 serial killers. The idea of freedom attracted the good and bad, being that even at a young age America had a high amount of serial killer. With the lengthy list of identified serial killers America has, many…


Serial Killer,

United States

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Zodiac Serial Killer Research Paper

The Zodiac Killer is perhaps one of the most mind-boggling serial killers to have graced the United States. To this day we are unaware of his identity. He started killing in the 1960’s-1970’s. Jake Gyllenhaal starred in the movie “Zodiac” and played a man by the name of Robert Graysmith. We learn a lot about…


Serial Killer

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Psychology of Serial Killer

Are serial killers Made or Born? Would you know if people around you are killers? There must be a reason why they are like the way they are. Their childhood, the motive, their mental health. What is a serial killer? According to psychologenie “A serial killer is defined as a person who murders 3 or…


Serial Killer

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The Serial Killer Hunting Russian’s

There is always a good part to a person, the difference is where it is, and how hard someone must search to find the good. Within history, there are multiple instances where something good is hidden beneath terrible actions against humanity. When something bad happens that affects millions of people, whoever began that terrible action…


Serial Killer

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Ted Bundy Serial Killer Research Paper

Ted Bundy has gone down as the most infamous serial killer in history. He was described to be smart, handsome and charming; the all-American boy. It is important to analyse one of the most perplexing criminal minds in history to provide some insight into factors that could have contributed to his reign of terror and…


Serial Killer

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Psychopath and Behavior of Serial Killer

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the concept of general behavior progression of serial killers. The research provided with in this paper was originated using the most recent research available. The field of criminal justice continues to search for a pattern of behavior that expresses the massive the correlation between childhood trauma and…


Serial Killer

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Serial Killers in Popular Culture Analytical Essay

When we dive deep into the in’s and out’s of the crimes committed by serial murderers, we look at the cultural impact that the Bundys, the Dahmers, and the Nightstalkers have had on the world. Even years, after their crimes we still see their faces everywhere, from the screens of our TVs to museums to…


Serial Killer

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