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What is Fiduciary Relationship?

A fiduciary relationship is the relationship between the fiduciary and the beneficiary or the principal and the duty owed between the two parties to ensure decisions are made in the best interest of one another. The existence of fiduciary relationships can be presumptive and/or status based or non-presumptive and determined on facts and/or conduct. Each…

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Relationship Social Comparison Tendencies Between Males and Females

Abstract Relationship social comparison tendencies were examined between males and females. The social comparison theory states that people compare themselves to others because they have an urge or tendency to determine where they are at life. The objective of the research was to see if there was difference in the way males and females compared…

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Problems Solved by Family Psychology

Family psychology uses the broad conceptual foundations of Systems Psychology uniquely focused on both the understanding and the intervention in systemic relational systems (couples, families, groups, organizations, and society in general). The unique focus on both systemic and relational elements of behavior is unique to Family psychology. Family psychologists are worried about collaborations among married…


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Role of Literature in Human Life

What is Literature? When we heard the word “Literature” the first thing came to our mind is books, poems, novels, stories and other more. Recently, I’ve acknowledged that literature additionally includes songs, speeches, plays and other more in written and spoken forms. I have also acknowledged that matters that are produced out of creative imagination…

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Marriage Equality

There are things about everyone that can not be changed, like the colour of their hair, and their skin tone. However discrimination against these aspects of one another is slowly depleating, marriage equality is still a concept that does not exist in many places. Around the world, people are not allowed to marry those that…

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The Effects of Peer Presence on Different Age Groups

The journal article, “Peer Influence on Risk Taking, Risk Preference, and Risky Decision Making in Adolescence and Adulthood: An Experimental Study”, was written by Margo Gardner and Laurence Steinburg of Temple University. This article will discuss 3 different age groups teens (13-16), youth (18-22), and adults (24 and older) to participate in a risk preference…

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Under The Influence

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Mentoring Model

One to One Mentoring Model is the most popular model. This model is where you have one mentor and one mentee who are in the same area of work , they will build a personal relationship and build up trust between them. The mentor provides support and guidance to the mentee. The one issue that…



Role Model

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Education and Mentorship

Education can be defined as the process of receiving and giving specific information. It can also be described as the process of developing the powers of reasoning and judgement. Mentorship on the other hand, is a period during which a person receives orientation from somebody either a friend, or family member. Mentors provide people with…



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Legal Recognition of Same-Sex Relationships in India

Introduction Marriage is a social and ritually recognised institution, traditionally between a man and a woman. Marriage is an integral part of every person’s life. It is through marriage that the human race has promulgated future generations. Marriage is the most important foundation of human society. It is a universal phenomenon and is the spine…

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Same Sex Marriage

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Why Peer Pressure has an Impact on our Lives

To understand what peer pressure is and why it has such an impact on our lives, we need to recognize the fact that fitting in and being part of a group is part of life. As it is very important for our living that we have other people around us, we learn from a very…


Peer Pressure

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