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What is Fiduciary Relationship?

A fiduciary relationship is the relationship between the fiduciary and the beneficiary or the principal and the duty owed between the two parties to ensure decisions are made in the best interest of one another. The existence of fiduciary relationships can be presumptive and/or status based or non-presumptive and determined on facts and/or conduct. Each…

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Problems Solved by Family Psychology

Family psychology uses the broad conceptual foundations of Systems Psychology uniquely focused on both the understanding and the intervention in systemic relational systems (couples, families, groups, organizations, and society in general). The unique focus on both systemic and relational elements of behavior is unique to Family psychology. Family psychologists are worried about collaborations among married…


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Relationship Social Comparison Tendencies Between Males and Females

Abstract Relationship social comparison tendencies were examined between males and females. The social comparison theory states that people compare themselves to others because they have an urge or tendency to determine where they are at life. The objective of the research was to see if there was difference in the way males and females compared…

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Role of Literature in Human Life

What is Literature? When we heard the word “Literature” the first thing came to our mind is books, poems, novels, stories and other more. Recently, I’ve acknowledged that literature additionally includes songs, speeches, plays and other more in written and spoken forms. I have also acknowledged that matters that are produced out of creative imagination…

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Marriage Licenses to Same-sex Couples

The instance of gay marriage come up with an infrequent and remarkable illustration and seeing as all originations of egalitarianism, at least in its more conventional dissimilarity, they can be implemented as autonomous argumentation somewhat inconsistent to sustain this parliamentary change made in The Supreme Court in 2015 that recognized that the gay marriage is…



Same Sex Marriage

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How Peer Influences Affect Adolescents, Youths, or Adults’ Behaviors

Gardner and Steinberg (2005) conducted an experiment to find out if peer influences affect adolescents, youths, or adults’ behaviors. They pulled people from around the urban community and ended up with a sample of 306 participants consisting of adolescents of ages 13-16, youth of ages 18-22 and adults of ages 24 and older. The youths…



Peer Pressure

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LGBT Human Rights

LGBT people in many societies are subjected to discrimination, abuse, torture, and sometimes execution. For many human rights violations, there exist laws under which countries punish perpetrators of such abuses. For LGBT people in most countries, abuses perpetrated against them are not viewed as human rights violations. Some countries, such as Iran and Saudi Arabia,…

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Helping Others: Article Summary

The journal article, “Inter-Group Helping Relations as Power Relations: Maintaining or Challenging Social Dominance Between Groups Through Helping”, was written by Arie Nadler of Tel Aviv University. This particular journal article will discuss if in groups and outgroups establish or challenge dominance by helping others. This journal article will also see if a model of…


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Basic Human and Legal Rights of Marriage

Marriage is defined to be “the legally or formally recognized union of two people as partners in a personal relationship” . One of the common construal of each human being on the planet about marriage would be of a man and a woman. But the with the altering and progressing world, one of the aspects…

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Same Sex Marriage

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Transgender Based Discrimination In Countries Around the World

Transgender people are often discriminited in many areas. Being transgender means that a person has a gender identity or expression that is different from the sex they were given when they were born. People who are transgender in anti-LGBTQ countries are treated differently compared to people who are non LGBTQ. They face discrimination from strangers,…




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