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Relation of Science and Technology

Science and technology play an important role in our daily lives. We are lucky enough to have both of these advances everywhere we look. While science is the study of the natural world, technology is the science put into practical use to solve problems or to create inventions. This advancement is evident with the cars…



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Critical Analysis Portfolio and Presentation Proposal

The United States asserts the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of women in the labor force rose from 41% in 1967 to 60% in 1999, before marginally dropping to 58.1% in 2011 ‘(Browne, N.D.). People of varying ethnic backgrounds have also increased, along with women having an increasing presence in the workforce. Mainly due…



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Review of Popular Social Psychology Studies

Social psychology explores a plethora of behaviors, interactions and influences, as well as how thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are influenced by real, imaginary or simply implied presence of other beings (Alport, 1985). Social psychology encompasses many theories such as psychological reactance, or how we as humans react to having our freedoms threatened; and cognitive dissonance,…



Social Psychology

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Are Fingerprints Inherited

I have always heard that everyones fingerprints are different and unique. I started to wonder, how could there be that many different types of fingerprints pattern? Another thought was, we inherit many genetics from our parents how could it not show in our fingerprints? My research question is, are fingerprint patterns inherited? During this I…





Science And Technology

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Social Science Is My Favorite Subject

At Graduation me and this boy named Jon-julien and me and him lead the song we sang was the: song I smile. It was very fun. We performed it at Knollwood Baptist church and after we performed we took pictures and ate food. We talked to all of our friends and we was lit. We…




Social studies

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Elements of a Research Paper

What is the research design? The capacity of an exploration configuration is to guarantee that the proof got empowers you to successfully address the examination issue intelligently and as unambiguously as could reasonably be expected. In sociologies inquire about, acquiring data important to the examination issue, for the most part, involves indicating the sort of…

Research Paper,



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Comparison and Contrast

Everybody knows that it is so critical to have good conditions at the working environment. Beginning from unimportant things, for example, aeration and cooling systems or coolers with new water, and winding up with adaptable calendars and great associations with partners—this, and additionally numerous different components, affect representatives’ efficiency and nature of work. In such…



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The Reality of War and Death

The traumatic experience of war can physically and mentally harm a person, especially when they stand face to face with death continuously. This is what Joseph Heller faced during WWII in the U.S. Air Force as a bombardier as he experienced the possibility of death and the destruction of war. This shaped the way Heller…

A Separate Peace,



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Comparing Your Real Self with Others from Social Networks

Our new world is about Social Media, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. You should not only “look fantastic everyday but be the best in everything you do and everything you touch turns to gold”. Others lead and one should follow since we do not have the capacity, knowledge or belief to be successful within ourselves….

Effects of Social Media,



Self Esteem,

Social Media

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Towards a Natural System of Organisms

Proposal for the domains Archaea, Bacteria, and Eucarya SUMMARY Prior classification of organisms fundamentally relied on classical phenotypes, complex morphologies, and detailed fossil records. However; with advancements made in molecular biology during the 20th century, Woese et. al proposed a new organismal classification at the highest level termed “domains”. The three proposed domains that encompass…






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