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Scientific Revolution and Copernicus’ Heliocentrism

In today’s world it is common knowledge that the Earth revolves around the Sun at the center of the Solar System. In the 1500’s however, this was borderline heretical and by some considered to be blasphemy. The Ptolemaic system, developed by Claudius Ptolemy, was the accepted explanation of the heavens and the movement of celestial…

Scientific Revolution

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Influence of Scientific Revolution on Europeans

Political revolutions are easy to identify. They often accompany recognizable, life-altering events. Social, cultural and intellectual revolutions are harder to ascertain. They are often slower; the changes they precipitate are less momentous, though their impact on human society may be far greater than any political upheaval. As such, the periodization and components of intellectual revolutions…

Scientific Revolution

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Personalities and Effects of Scientific Revolution

The Scientific Revolution laid the foundation for critical thinking and changed the way the world views and solves problems. The Medieval period, prior to the Scientific Revolution, created the base of thought in culture, math, physics, astronomy, medicine, and science to build on. When cultures started merging due to an increase in travel and trade,…

Scientific Revolution

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