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A History of the Scientific Revolution That Took Place in the 16th and 17th Century

Before the 16th century, the works and ideas of Aristotle and Ptolemy were widely accepted by the people, government and church. Aristotles ideas of astronomy, motion and matter with Ptolemys ideas of planetary movement form the basic beliefs of science before the 16th century. The 16th and 17th centuries were a time for science. New…

Scientific Revolution

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A History of the Ideas Born from the Scientific Revolution

The scientific revolution was an important time period that occurred in Europe at the end of the Renaissance period and ended late in the 18th century. This period was a crucial one as many more actual facts instead of beliefs were proven to be true. Advancements were made in many different subjects such as math,…

Scientific Revolution

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The Leading Thinkers of the Scientific Revolution in Europe and the Enlightenment Era

Who were the leading thinkers of the Scientific Revolution? Why were the early discoveries of the scientific revolution met with such resistance? Why did the Scientific Revolution occur in Europe and not in the Islamic, Chinese or Japanese cultures? Why and how did these discoveries destroy an old worldview and create a new one? How…

Scientific Revolution

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The Effects of the Scientific Revolution on the Development of Culture

The Scientific Revolution exploded out of an era of brutal and harsh oppression and war. Yet, due to a weakening of religion, a change in the prevalent method of government, a rising middle class, and a growing curiosity about the world, that era also set the necessary stage for the scientific revolution. Broadly, this era…

Scientific Revolution

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How Did the Protestant Reformation and Subsequent Scientific Revolution Come to Be?

According to Tannenbaum (2013), The Protestant Reformation “movement incorporated a basic reformulation of institutions that transformed established religious and political relationships and powered the transition from medieval to early modern political thought” (p. 107). The Protestant Reformation was brought about by a German monk, named Martin Luther, who had become disenchanted with the behavior of…

Scientific Revolution

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The History of the Scientific Revolution during the Fifteenth Century in Europe

The Scientific Revolution was revolutionary in its effect on Western Civilization in the 15th and 16th centuries but it was not the volatile upheaval of traditional societal norms or rebuke of authority that one normally associates with a revolution. The impact of the Scientific Revolution was that it changed the mentality of Western Civilization from…

Scientific Revolution

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The Robert Hookes Life and the Scientific Revolution

Robert Hooke’s life of an inventing genius flourished during the Scientific Revolution. Born in England, Hooke is known for many inventions and discoveries, including his cell theory, the anatomy of plats, the law of elasticity, the microscope, and his theory of the moon’s features.1 All of these observations are written in Micrographia, where Hooke says,…

Scientific Revolution

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Scientific Revolution and Copernicus’ Heliocentrism

In today’s world it is common knowledge that the Earth revolves around the Sun at the center of the Solar System. In the 1500’s however, this was borderline heretical and by some considered to be blasphemy. The Ptolemaic system, developed by Claudius Ptolemy, was the accepted explanation of the heavens and the movement of celestial…

Scientific Revolution

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Influence of Scientific Revolution on Europeans

Political revolutions are easy to identify. They often accompany recognizable, life-altering events. Social, cultural and intellectual revolutions are harder to ascertain. They are often slower; the changes they precipitate are less momentous, though their impact on human society may be far greater than any political upheaval. As such, the periodization and components of intellectual revolutions…

Scientific Revolution

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Personalities and Effects of Scientific Revolution

The Scientific Revolution laid the foundation for critical thinking and changed the way the world views and solves problems. The Medieval period, prior to the Scientific Revolution, created the base of thought in culture, math, physics, astronomy, medicine, and science to build on. When cultures started merging due to an increase in travel and trade,…

Scientific Revolution

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