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Kobe Steel Ethical Issues Case Study

Pages 5 (1 193 words)

Business Ethics

Case Study

Virtue Ethics

Kobe Steel is a well-known steel maker, and is one of the largest companies of its kind in the world “with more than 200 subsidiaries and 62 affiliated companies in Europe, Asia, and North America.” (case study) However, for the last 10 years they have been conducting unethical practices such as falsifying data and selling…

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Definition and Key Features of Case Study Research

Pages 5 (1 173 words)

Case Study


A case study is one type of research method and qualitative research. A case study is important as it defines as a study involving descriptive information about an individual or a small group of individuals. The result of the case studies is in a narrative description of behavior or experience that is normally qualitative in…

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Case Study: Diversification into Luxury Goods

Pages 8 (1 955 words)


Case Study

Abstract LVMH the world’s largest luxury group was found in 1987. Its brand portfolio includes wines, leather and fashion goods, perfumes, cosmetics, watches and jewelry. In the external environment of the LVMH, this case study analyzed the relevant dimensions of the macro environment by using PESTEL framework and analysis of the luxury industry by using…

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Case Study


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ARAVIND EYE CARE HOSPITAL-McDONALDIZATION INTRODUCTION: The impact that Aravind eye hospital had on its clients was incredible. The eye hospital helps the people who are affected with blindness whether they have money of not. The hospital manages to provide free surgeries on the eye to the local people who are less fortunate. Needles blindness is…

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Coke Under Fire Again: A Case Study

Pages 6 (1 392 words)


Case Study


Background Of The Study In the year 1985 of April 23rd, the Coca-Cola Company had taken a great risk that left an ineffaceable mark in the history of marketing. On that day, the company preceded with changing the 99-year old formula into a sweeter one, the “new Coke”. This single act leads to thousands of…

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Child Psychology Case Study

Pages 11 (2 562 words)

Case Study

Child Psychology


Intervention and Legislation The family were assessed under section 17 of The children Act 1989, which relates to the promotion of services for children in need, their families and others. It states that the local authority amount other duties has the duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of children within their area who are…

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Case Study: Runway Side Excursion During Attempted Takeoff

Pages 9 (2 158 words)

Case Study


Abstract The purpose of this paper is to explore the events of Continental Airlines flight 1404. On December 20, 2008, Continental Airlines flight 1404 took off from the left side of runway 34R at Denver International Airport (DEN), in Colorado, heading to George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Texas. The aircraft was a Boeing 737-500. Due…

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Case Study: IT Corporation

Pages 3 (513 words)

Case Study


Organizational Structure

Question one From the case study, as every division is having a separate architecture and system, value of operation would be more. By having a shared provider mannequin for the IT the fundamental gain for the Nationstate insurance is cost savings, as it will eliminate undesirable software and have common software program and structures throughout…

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Case Study: Life Sustaining Treatments

Pages 4 (903 words)

Car Accident

Case Study

Health Care

Summary of Case Study This case study discusses Janet and Jake in a car accident and Janet is pregnant. Jack dies and Janet is left in a vegetative state. She had advance directives that name her husband as primary and her parents as secondary power of attorney (POA). She also had notarized handwritten statement about…

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Economics Case: Energy Drink Sales Fall Since Introduction of Excise Tax 

Pages 3 (730 words)

Case Study



Due to the high sugar in energy drinks leading to an increase in the number of students and young adults getting diabetes, the government of the UAE has decided to introduce an Excise Tax, in hopes to change consumer behaviour as well as increase the state’s revenue. In this case, energy drinks are considered demerit…

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