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Cross Cultural Social Norms

Firstly, deviance refers to the statistical infrequency or extreme unusual behaviours, but it is difficult to define what behaviours is typically normal and what is abnormal because there is a very thin line present between the two concepts. Behaviour could be usual in one setting or situation and could be unacceptable in the other and…


Social Norms

Definition and Types of Social Norms

People are expected to abide by certain social standards including regulations on how to behave and interact. Such thing is called social norms; dictating what is acceptable or not. Norms are based on society’s values. According to Ferris and Stein, “They articulate the essence of everything that a cultural group cherishes in its society.” Norms…

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True Feminisim Against Stereotyping

Сommon misconceptions Stereotyping is a way for people to acknowledge certain situations because they may have experienced them before. However, stereotyping isn’t always helpful. Instead, it can be quite troublesome and hurtful. Disadvantages to stereotypes is that it makes people ignore differences between individuals (Mcleod). Therefore, people think things about other people that might not…


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