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Gothic and Islamic Sacral Architecture

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Gothic architecture is most famous in the architecture of many cathedrals, monasteries and churches in Europe. The Gothic style evolved from Romanesque architecture, a medieval aesthetic characterized by arches, vaulted ceilings, and small stained glass windows. They utilized flying buttresses and piers for the stability of the whole structure system. They depend on the correspondence…

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Islamic architecture – most prominent architecture

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Islamic architecture is one of the most prominent architecture seen over the time. It shows the history of Islam through their designs and concepts. This concept was derived from Romans, Persians and Byzantine. It began between the 6th and 7th century. Islamic architecture discovers its conceptual designs in mainly mosques and madrasah. [1] Coming in…

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Architecture of the church

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Religious architecture is capable of expressing the ‘ indescribable ‘ and the transcendent. Hence, designing spaces that can provide the desired religious experience is a great challenge for the architect. In recent years, the architecture of the church has undergone major changes. In the 20th century, church buildings were influenced by multiple architectural trends such…

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Gothic Architecture in Europe

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Time background Gothic architecture developed from the previous Romanesque Architecture, a style of Medieval Europe which is characterized by semi-circular arches, thick walls, sturdy pillars, large towers and decorative arcading. It combines features of ancient Roman and Byzantine buildings. Before humanism, the design of the buildings during this period was not studied thoroughly since labor…

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Early Christian architecture

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San Giovani cathedral, Lateran, Italy: Historical background: It`s one of Rome’s four main churches and the seat of its bishop, where the Pope of Rome is often imitated as the Bishop of Rome. Built in the 4th century, the cathedral was renovated and rebuilt many times during its long history, and during the Middle Ages…

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Factors That Influenced Islamic Architecture

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Islamic architecture is the richest compared to all other mode of architecture, because Islamic territories were on three different continents, Africa, Asia and Europe, and Muslims architecture were influenced by these lands’ ancient traditions of architecture, and this was due to two main factors; The first one was that in all lands conquered, Muslims live…

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Deconstructivism as a Movement In Architecture

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Isn’t new architecture fashion nor is’t avant-garde locomotion versus architecture or society.it don’t have rules nor is’t insurgency against public problem it’s the free of indefinite possibilities of joying about with shapes and volumes. First World War During the First World War, Russian avant-gardists, known as Russian Constructivists, broke the rules of classical architecture and…

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Gothic Cathedral vs Islamic Minaret

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Gothic architecture arose as a result of the development that took place in romanesque architecture, such as their use of the pointed necklace or the use of vaults for the bishop or the division of the cellar, all of which led to the emergence of the Gothic style. The religious buildings of that period were…

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Malay cultures architecture

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Building construction and dwellings can reflect the culture of its occupants. Being lavishly unique and picturesque, Seri Menanti which is known as the icon of the Negeri Sembilan royal family, and had symbolized as one of the important monumental Malay cultures architecture. Besides, it is also the living proof of the mastery of carpentry, craftsmanship…

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Ancient Roman architecture

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Ancient Rome


From the very beginning, Egyptians attempts to fortify their country. For most of Egypt’s ancient history, it was a land of fortifications. All Egyptian ceremonial buildings, including temples and even funerary complexes, were intended to function as bastions of order and harmony, requiring at least symbolic fortifications to protect them from the surrounding chaos. Unless…

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