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How can We Eliminate Gender and Racial Stereotypes

We set expectations on not just ourselves but for others, hoping that everyone we meet or interact with should be just like us or if not they are judged. We constantly take for granted who we are, where we came from and where exactly we are headed in life. In The Bahamas, it is most…

Gender Stereotypes,



Effects of Stereotypes among Students and in the Professional World

In his informative article on the forms of stereotypes, Theodore Dalrymple postulates that “the man who walks out of his house with a mind devoid of stereotypes is like the man who goes to the Antarctic without having inquired about the weather’ (par. 1). The bold statement implies that a stereotype is a preconceived opinion…




Eminem’s Subversion of Negative African American Stereotypes in Gangsta Rap

Introduction While Gangsta rap is a method for African Americans to protest against the discrimination they face due to the negative stereotypes formed around them, it paradoxically reinforces the “gangsta” stereotype through the frequent use of vulgarities and themes that are considered criminal or offensive to discuss in real life, such as drugs, racism and…

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American Stereotypes about Indians

Stereotype, Image, construct are all different names for the same thing, It loosely defines popular belief or ideas about a particular group and characterize all the individuals within that group . And, let’s face it, India and Indians living in America attract a lot of stereotypes, some are funny and some can get impudent. I…

Indian Culture,


Stereotypes in the Mass Media

What is Stereotyping being when someone makes assumptions based purely on the individual’s race, ethnic, and gender they become generalized based on limited and inaccurate information from sources as television, radio, and social media. I believe that we feel the need to categorize and label ethnic groups so that we easily identify a certain minority….



We Should Learn More about Other Countries to Overcome Stereotypes

“The Dangers Of a Single Story” is a speech narrated by a Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie in a Ted series. She talks about the negative effects of people learning only one story they have been told about another country, culture, beliefs and basing their own interpretations of the story and therefore, attaching stereotypical identities…


Food and Racial Stereotypes

Cultural Difference – is defined as various languages, belief’s, behaviors, expressions and practices that are considered specific to an ethnicity, race, or national origin. (What is Cultural differences?) Cultural Difference is especially important in the business sector because if you have an environment that is thriving, growing, and sustainable these types of conditions invoke motivation and…

Food And Culture,


Stereotypes in Intercultural Communication

Introduction While we enter a global community, we often get exposed to basic relationships between peers with multicultural racial issues, religions, beliefs, and lifestyles that are routinely related to international communication. Individuals or groups of different cultural and natural backgrounds are expected to experience intercultural miscommunication By their characteristics and behaviors based on gender, age,…



Racial Stereotypes in the film Get Out

Racism has been around for many years and till this day it exists, a lot of the times African-American people are portrayed negatively in Hollywood films which effects the way people see African-American people. We humans tend to naturally prejudice any person we meet based on the stereotypes we know, these stereotypes are formed in…

Film Analysis,



Stereotypical View of the Characteristics of a Nurse and Nursing

Stereotypes are the human social category of judgment in terms of membership of their group. It is generally known, but the picture or concept of a specific sort of individual is fixed and oversimplified. These may be adverse judgment linked to activities or actions that are prejudicial to other social groups. Negative stereotypes can produce…



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