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The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas Argumentative Essay

Pages 4 (793 words)

Police Brutality


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Rethinking Racism: Subtle, but Still Existing

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Anti-Black Racism

Pages 6 (1 496 words)

African American

Black Lives Matter


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Institutional Racism

Pages 10 (2 391 words)

African American

American Government

Racial Discrimination


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The Roots of Racism

Pages 9 (2 114 words)



Social Problems

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Meaning and Reason of Racism in Society

Pages 6 (1 287 words)




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Quotient Testing in the Context of Scientific Racism, Intellectual and Learning Disabilities

Pages 11 (2 622 words)


Psychological Disorders


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Racism Is A Prevalent Problem In The World

Pages 4 (839 words)


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Carson McCullers About Racism

Pages 3 (513 words)

Human Sexuality

Race and Ethnicity


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Racism: Human Issue

Pages 2 (454 words)

Racial Discrimination


Social Problems

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For many years, humanity has been plagued by racism and it has caused much harm to many. Although much of Western Society has made many great steps into the reduction of it, the topic of racism continues to be a relevant issue in today’s society. To understand why it is such an issue, we must understand the meaning of the term ‘racism/racist’.

A common definition amongst multiple renowned dictionaries is that racism is defined as ‘prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior. People in this day and age, continue to express prejudice, discrimination, etc. towards different races, more particularly to the non-Eurocentric (white) race. This can create issues within a society as it divides a minority from a majority.

Although racism has become less prevalent today, after events such as the Civil Rights movement within the 60’s, the continuation of racism has created an alienation within much of Western Society as minority groups feel as if they are being pitted against the majority. The media doesn’t help this rising divide by adding fuel to the fire. In order for these terrible things to stop, we as a society must refuse not to judge people based upon the beliefs and color of their skin, but the content of their character. We must also refuse to listen to the media’s reporting with a bias point of view on such issues as they continue to twist stories and essentially, ‘stir the pot’.

The alienation of a person based upon their beliefs or colour can result in many psychological problems. A sense of belonging and acceptance is important for someone to feel emotionally stable and happy. If the majority exclude someone who already is a different race, then they will only feel a less sense of belonging. This can lead to people having depression, anxiety, etc. It can even cause suicide. As a society, we cannot turn a blind eye to racism as it can make people feel this way.

Using racism as a way to hurt someones feelings is an unfair attempt at bullying and abuse as people can’t change the way they are in terms of their race. Bullying someone for the way they are is unacceptable, especially since the colour of their skin doesn’t offend or hurt anyone around them. We must not show prejudice towards a whole race for the actions of a few within that minority group. If a person of African decent commits a crime, it does not mean all of those in that race group are criminals. People of all races, has the ability to be kind and caring to one another, just like people of all races have the ability to have bad morals. We all have features which make us individual and they lie within our identity as a human, not within the colour of our skin, or contrasting beliefs or culture as long as they don’t hurt others.

Our increasing divide within our society can be attributed to racism. This ever increasing divide can result in many events which further seperate our society majority and minorities. Our medias reporting on these issues and events regarding race also further divides society, so we must as a whole look at the medias reporting with an unbiased point of view. We also must do our best to reduce racism as it can have severe impacts of those who fall into the category of minorities, as the exclusion of those who have different races can result in many suffering from emotional issues. As Martin Luther King Jnr. said: “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” Although this great man is dead, his words should still resonate within our society to this day.

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