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What is the Purpose of the Juvenile Justice System?

The purpose of the Juvenile Justice System is to shield subjects and the network from wrongdoings submitted by youngsters. To consider youth who perpetrate wrongdoings responsible for their activities. To give individualized evaluations to restore and avert further reprobate conduct through the improvement of instructive, professional, social, enthusiastic and essential fundamental abilities which empower youth…



Juvenile Justice System

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Juvenile Justice System: Just or Unjust  

Children are children until they commit crime against society. Most people are against trying children as adults because it is unjust. Juveniles are minors with undeveloped brains and need help to steer onto a path that will better their future. While others believe children should be tried as adults. Most believe juveniles should understand right…



Juvenile Justice System

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Juvenile Justice System in the United States

“…The problem is that we’re taking [teenagers] and we’re giving up on them. We’re saying, ‘You’ve committed a crime, and we’re just going to give up on you. You’re out of here, society has no use for you.’ We’re throwing away these kids. And I have found, in my own experience, that there are salvageable…

Criminal Justice System,

Juvenile Justice System,

United States

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Importance of Juvenile Justice System

In today’s time we have a lot of children growing up in not so good circumstances. This can include things such but not limited too, being raised in a bad neighborhood, parents or parent is not involved in their life, a parent being a bad example or simply being involved with the wrong crowd. The…


Juvenile Delinquency,

Juvenile Justice System

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Understanding of Juvenile Justice System

The juvenile justice system was originally established to rehabilitate the youth and provide opportunities for them not to fall back in prison. The main question here is, how does using behavior rehabilitation in juvenile justice systems across the country reduce the occurrences of juvenile delinquency? The juvenile justice system could be a strong system active…


Juvenile Delinquency,

Juvenile Justice System

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Juvenile Justice System Need the Changes

I think the juvenile justice system is messed up because all offered should be in one justice system. If they did the crime they need to do the time. I think some children should be subjected to the punishment that our judicial system is giving them. Children have shown lots of enmity at trial as…

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Juvenile Justice System

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Improving the Juvenile Justice System in the United States

Introduction There has been a prolonged public dispute regarding juvenile justice systems in the United States. The nation is divided between enforcing strict punishment for the convicted delinquents or using resources to implement programs to ensure these inmates can become law-abiding citizens in the future. The discussion between social welfare and social control exhibits significant…


Juvenile Delinquency,

Juvenile Justice System

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The Juvenile Justice System and Juvenile Delinquency

An alternate adolescent framework was set up in the United States around 100 years earlier with the target of involving vivacious transgressors from the harming orders of criminal courts and engaging rebuilding reliant on the individual juvenile’s needs. This structure was to differentiate from adult or criminal court in different ways. It was to base…

Juvenile Delinquency,

Juvenile Justice System

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Theme of Forgiveness in ‘Touching Spirit Bear’ by Ben Mikaelsen

The novel “Touching Spirit Bear” by Ben Mikaelsen Book taught me new lessons like ancient traditions can solve modern problems. The major theme in this book teaches us about healing and forgiveness. It tells us that you need to overcome past before you can move forward. The book explores the transition of a young boy…



Juvenile Justice System

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What is the juvenile justice system?

Juvenile justice system (from the Latin words “juvenalis” – youthful; “justitia” – justice) – the administration of justice in cases committed by children and adolescents.

The concept of juvenile justice system in different senses:

  • in a narrow one – JJS is a separate area of ​​the judicial system;
  • broadly – JJS according to any juvenile justice system essay is a set of legal instruments and mechanisms that exist to ensure the protection of the interests, freedoms, and rights of minors, which are implemented with the help of state and specialized structures.

For the first time, they started talking about the special status of children in the judicial system back in the 1870s in America. It was argued that it is inappropriate to apply normal punishment to children and that alternative measures should be envisaged. It turns out that initially the juvenile justice system was supposed to protect juvenile offenders in the face of justice, as well as contribute to the formation of a special policy for considering cases of offenses involving children.

According to any juvenile justice system essay, the main idea of this concept sounds like this: it is a separate area of ​​activity of state bodies (courts, correctional institutions, law enforcement services, and others) that carry out prevention and justice for juvenile or juvenile crimes, including:

  • prevention of crime among and against children;
  • social and psychological rehabilitation of victims of offenses;
  • children, and adolescents who have committed a crime;
  • social protection of the rights of the child.

The need for a juvenile justice system is explained by the fact that in modern society there has been a tremendous increase in violence against children from early childhood. Proponents of justice believe that children have the same rights as adults.

A shortlist of the key principles of the juvenile justice system:

  • A child and an adult have equal rights. It is unacceptable to humiliate the dignity of children, beat or force them to unlawful actions.
  • A child has the right to personally defend his interests in court, to complain about his parents. The justice authorities, in turn, must urgently check how parents treat their children.
  • Schools, hospitals, courts, and other bodies and institutions participating in the juvenile system should have special social workers, as well as child psychologists.

Current systems in other countries exclude government interference. Because of this, the proceedings are being dragged out for a long time.

juvenile justice system

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