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Journey Brings Out the Best in You

Life is a long journey- from the hospital bed (birth) to the graveyard (death), consisting of a series of small-small destinations that we travel through all along. Destination is our vision and an end-goal that we aspire to achieve. Journey is things we experience, on the way to destination. Both are complementary to each other….



Personal Growth

Tan Le Journey of a Refugee

Tan Le, famous telecommunications entrepreneur and co-founder of Emotiv, was only four years old when she and her family fled from Vietnam. She spent five days and nights with her young sister, mother, and grandmother on a small boat carrying 150 other people. Read on to discover the journey that brought her to where she…



Effects of the Pursuit of Happiness

​The pursuit of happiness is the right that an individual has to live a life that brings joy. This pursuit of happiness is provided in the law; however limited that one is, an individual has to delight in happiness, but should not break the law. Westernization considers happiness as a good thing, and thus they…



A Poem Because I Could Not Stop For Death

How Death is presented in “Because I could not Stop For Death” “Because I could not stop for death” Is a 6 stanza poem with full rhyme and slant rhyme, and full of dashes between and at the end of lines. The obvious theme of this poem is death. So this analysis is going to be focusing…




Immortal Friendship in Gilgamesh

The epic Gilgamesh by Herbert Mason follows a demi-god king, Gilgamesh, on his journey to becoming human. Gilgamesh seeks knowledge and most of all, he seeks life for his dead friend Enkidu. In the epic, Mason shows through apostrophe, Gilgamesh’s constant references to enkidu, that being human means experiencing grief and having the ability to…