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Worldview and Indigenous System of Knowledge in Education Systems

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Education System


Introduction Indigenous knowledge system is also called traditional or local knowledge which describe the experiential good sense or judgement based on teaching and experiences which have been generally transmitted from generation to the future generation and also it refers to the knowledge of traditional people. In complete, indigenous knowledge systems cannot be divided into individual…

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Connection between Worldview and Culture

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When I think of the term worldview, I picture a culture’s perspective on everything that we, as humans, interact or deal with. Whether it be religion, other people and our relationships with them, life and death, our purpose in life, etc., the worldview of a culture centers around their beliefs, values, and how they see…

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Worldview and Beliefs Shape our Reality

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Our worldview can shape our beliefs and practices of healing, it is a social construct of the culture into which we were born. The dynamic characteristics of culture in how it functions and behaves are learned through experience. Culture is a system of meanings embodied in symbols whose contents include language, beliefs, values, and material…

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Relationship between Worldview and Education

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The indigenous knowledge systems are types of abilities and a set of beliefs that people create for their survival and pass it on to the next generation. Not all the beliefs created are true or myth but people create them to overcome their problems and to fit in the community. The indigenous knowledge system can…

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Definition of Worldview Term Argumentative Essay

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Christian Worldview


What is your basis for the choices you make big or small in your life? Do your friends decide for you or have you made your own choices? Does your past define your future? Questions like these are important to ask when trying to figure out worldview or even clarify to someone with no lack…

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Impact of My Family on My Worldview Personal Essay

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Many people like better to have a part of their worldview sort out for them through the guidelines of faith. Others, like myself, base abundant of their worldview o of the experiences they gain whereas they’re here. it’s onerous to pinpoint precisely what inuences have shaped my worldview, however the 3 that have had the…

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Worldview Wonders

Pages 3 (638 words)

Existence of God

Human Nature


How does a worldview affect a lifestyle? Everyone has a different way of perceiving the world that influences, not only their beliefs but the decisions they make. However, there is no right or wrong answer as it is all just different ways of thinking. In my worldview, I believe I was created for a specific…

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Worldview Process Philosophy

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Throughout history, there are many different types of worldviews. Worldviews have affected many people in their beliefs. Worldviews have changed religious beliefs and certain governments. Wars were fought on these views and it’s important to have an understanding of what and where they came from. One of the most current has been process philosophy. In…

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Film Analysis: Samsara

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Film Analysis




Introduction In this report, I present an analysis of the film Samsara, directed by Ron Fricke and produced by Mark Magidson. Samsara was released on August 31st, 2012, and was filmed over five years in twenty-five countries on five continents. This is a film without descriptive text and no narrator is explaining the places and…

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