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Personal Experience in Thomas Lux’ Poem

One of the most personal things we have for ourselves is the voice that exists in our mind. This voice has its own way to interpret or say the words depending on the personal experience. This is the theory presented by Thomas Lux in his poem called “The voice you hear when you read silently”….

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Personal Experiences in Teaching

Through my 5 months internship experiences that I have gained at MOE Kindergarten  Riverside, I have developed a set of personal educational philosophy, beliefs, and values that I will carry with me in my future career as a professional early childhood educator. As a future early childhood educator, I believe that children are strong, active,…

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Personal Experience: Technology in Catholic Church

In my experience, technology has had a positive impact on my faith, and has been a significant factor in allowing my church to grow to a global scale. I was born into the Catholic Church, and have always had a strong belief in God and in the Christian belief system. However, as I got older…

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Personal Experiences Iin ‘Just Walk On By’ by Brent Staples

In “Just Walk On By”, Brent Staples discusses his personal experiences with racial profiling and how he handled it and reacted to it. He expresses how throughout his life, others have discriminated against him because he is a tall, black, man working as a journalist in a predominately white field. He understands that we live…


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Personal Experiences: Interest in Biomedical Engineering

For twenty one year several personal experiences of hope and hopelessness have stimulated my interest in biomedical engineering. When I was seven, an official diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and Dyspraxia became an uncomfortable reality. Hopelessness hid in the shadow of my heart. No longer allowing it to seep in came through learning to navigate…

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Personal Experiences in IT Companies

I am an Explorer and love to discover and learn new skills and techniques. I always use computers and have been using them from such a young age. After my matriculation, a thought struck me that how Google Search works because I have been observing since my childhood that Google Search has a solution for…

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Personal Experiences in Oak Village

Dining Experiences While many assisted living facilities maintain one common dining area, Oak Village will host two: one will be the main dining hall and the other a less formal gathering place offering a slightly different menu. In each of the dining rooms, residents will be able to order off of daily menus or, for…

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Personal Experiences in Economics

Economics is a fascinating subject that aims to define the science of how trade has allowed society to prosper, focusing on how we all interact and its direct relevance to how the world operates from a global to a micro level. I love the way that the most complex issues can be simplified into theoretical…


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Impact of Personal Experiences to Choose University

Growing up in Tunisia (north Africa) with a very difficult life and less hope for the future, I have always dreaming to change my life to have a good education and a great future, but it was not easy for me to leave my family and to pay for my studies. So, my cousin was…

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Impact of Personal Experiences in Shaping an Individual’s Identity

Every individual experiences different types of adversity in life. Adversity plays a significant role in shaping an individual’s identity because dreadful situations shape our own personal values, determine our own capabilities, and helps us learn from our experiences. Oftentimes, when we are facing challenging adversities that help shape our lives, we view it as an…

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