Finding Balance in Life – A New Way for Change

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Do you know your inner center? Finding one’s center ultimately means knowing and loving oneself. this article explains the concept of the inner center, and how we can find our inner balance and which exercises help. The inner center is the feeling that comes from the heart, In principle, it is love for yourself by that it doesn’t mean in a narcissistic way or exaggerated, but access to your own heart and certain self-acceptance that comes with it.

If you can’t love and respect yourself, you can’t love and respect others too. If you are kind to yourself, you will be kind to others too, Self-love is the most important thing you can learn and practice each and every day. It is the thing that will allow you to have healthy relationships, a fulfilling career and true happiness and contentment in your life. It is something anyone can have if they begin understanding what it entails and begins practicing it.

This does not necessarily have to be on a conscious level, some people have this feeling quite unconsciously, depending on how strong this love is, you are in the middle of it or you just are not.

Your Inner Heart: Self-love and Self-esteem are Not the Same

Those who have strong self-love probably also have high self-esteem, However, a good self-confidence is not a prerequisite for loving oneself! Nobody is perfect in all walks of life. Everyone has their weaknesses or shortcomings somewhere. The trick is to love yourself and deeply understand, despite these shortcomings you’ve to accept that you just can’t do everything.

Maybe you can’t cook well and always get nervous when you have a guest to cook for, you know that you are not good at it and accordingly have low self-esteem, and that self-esteem should be in the ‘cooking’ area, some people feel like a total failure when they fail on one thing, maybe you have that one person you wanted to impress with your skill, but it doesn’t matter…you can love and accept yourself. Learn to become more relaxed!

Serenity: Body, Soul, and Spirit in Balance

Our inner balance is based on our emotions, and these have an influence on both the mental (mental) and the physical level of the human being, we’re not relaxed when our feelings are out of balance, when something is bothering us the mind reacts and it tries to find any explanation why we’re not feeling well at that moment. But, if we do not manage to get out of the imbalance, it will affect our body in the long run, If for example, you carry anxiety or feelings of guilt over a longer period of time, this will be expressed somewhere on a physical level, mostly where the body is preloaded.

Everyone has their own personal weak physical spot, for some, it’s the stomach, others the bowel or the eyes, others have headaches or migraines. A mental imbalance can also be expressed physically – but it doesn’t have to be. However, just as our emotions can be a catalyst for disturbing our balance, so do they play a vital role in our finding of serenity? When we come to rest and find time to think, we can uncover problems or disruptive factors but we can’t find the feeling for ourselves through analysis.

I believe that in order to lead a happy life, you must become accustomed to the state of satisfaction. If you are comfortable being content, then happiness will only be a plus, and the lack of happiness will only drop you back down to being content, rather than all the way down to being unhappy. Focusing on happiness as our ultimate goal is self-defeating; being in a constant state of happiness is, simply put, impossible…

Inner Balance: Me, the Others and Troublemakers

Balance is the natural state. It is generally of our own doing when we leave, as the Taoists say, ‘the center of the circle’. But we as people have devised infinite creative ways to diverge ourselves from inner balance… it’s almost an art now. When you know the inner center that is in contact with yourself, you can deal with your fellow human beings in a completely different way, only those who are in equilibrium will notice when something upsets them and can react to them, you may have to withdraw from a situation or a person if you find that it disturbs the balance.

Or you can draw attention to its limits – if you know them, Many people act out of fear or Perhaps it’s fear to be rejected, to lose something or not to succeed. Those who love themselves have a completely different starting point, namely a sense of security from which they can communicate with others. Acting with confidence doesn’t mean accepting rude behavior, or if someone tries to attack you, you shouldn’t be saying “oh, I act with confidence and let them do their thing”, this also applies to positive feelings, those who love themselves are not dependent on the love of others.

The good thing about inner balance or being in a relationship with a complete balance partner, he/she can also be more relaxed in a partnership without putting too much pressure on their partner.

What Can Disturb the Inner Balance?

There is no one answers that fits all, this is different for each person but to put it in general terms, Anything that causes fear or feelings of guilt can push us from within our midst. This can be a spider if you are afraid of spiders, It can be a thunderstorm or too much pressure in the job, it can be committed if you’re commitment phobic, But on the other hand, there are people out there who are not disturbed by spiders, thunderstorms or pressure in the job.

However, It’s important to know what our respective equilibrium troublemakers are, how we treat them, and how to find our way back to our inner center when we have lost it.

This is How You Find Your Inner Center

The question remains: how do I find my inner center? How do I learn to love myself despite all my weaknesses? Again, every person needs an individual way and there are hundreds of possibilities, maybe for you, it’s yoga or tai chi that gives you access to yourself, Maybe it’s meditation or maybe kinesiology can help.

Kinesiology is the scientific study of human or non-human body movement. Kinesiology addresses physiological, biomechanical, and psychological dynamic principles and mechanisms of movement, It examines body feedback which means that blockages or stress are detected and eliminated through muscle testing. A fast method may also be the knocking technique, for example, if there is not enough time for a whole kinesiology session or yoga class, It taps acupuncture points in a specific order.

It’s about knowing your own inner center, We also have to be able to get back to it when something has thrown us off track, The first thing to find out is: what exactly was it that caused my balance to fluctuate? For example, if you argue with someone, it is not enough to blame the whole argument on the other person, of course, someone starts the argument as always, but you have to ask yourself: Am I not yet at peace with something that has been stirred up by the argument?

There may be an old injury that you’ve now been reminded of, and the current dispute has nothing to do with the real problem. Once you’ve identified the problem, you can find the perfect solution for it Of course with a method that suits you. So, in some circumstances, such an argument can help resolve an old conflict or a built-up tension between the two of you.

As finding inner balance is different from one person to another, You might find your inner balance in different ways, like hitting the gym, playing tennis, volleyball game on the beach, jogging, listening to soothing music, dancing, cooking, working hard to get more income… just do that and have fun with it, what does the knocking technique means?

Recognizing that happiness exists – and that it’s a delightful visitor that never overstays its welcome – may help us appreciate it more when it arrives. Furthermore, understanding that it’s impossible to have happiness in all aspects of life can help you enjoy the happiness that has touched you. Recognizing that no one “has it all” can cut down on the one thing psychologists know impedes happiness: envy.

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