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My Opinion on Divorce Legalization

There comes a time in your life wherein you will realize that people can remain and last in your heart but not in your life. Divorce is an example of this kind of situation. This is where separation occurs between two people (specifically husbands and wives or married couples) who used to love each other…


Domestic Violence,


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Implication of Arital Divorce on Juvenile Delinquency

Introduction The concurrent rate of juvenile delinquency in our society today indicates that there are some dysfunctional trends in the family setting which encourages this menace. Family serves as one of the strongest socializing forces in a person’s life. They help teach children to control unacceptable behavior, and to respect the rights of others. Whether…



Parents Divorce

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Divorce Law

Divorce law has always a difficult area of law to progress as there are many views to take into consideration. Divorce law hasn’t been reformed for at least twenty years, and calls for reform have continued to grow. In this essay I shall discuss the current problems with divorce law, reform options that have been…




Parents Divorce

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Psychological Assistance during Divorce

Abstract The oldest institution of human society – the family is unique phenomenon. Thanks to the family of the younger generation basic knowledge, skills, skills, attitudes and traditions in this way ensured the continuity of human development of society. Family, as a social institute, not only provides stability society, but also evolves with it, adapts…



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Divorce on Child Attachment and Outcomes

As the prevalence of parental separation and divorce continues to rise in the United States, the study of the potential immediate and long-term effects on the children of these families is necessary. This review of the literature will analyze the question, “Does parental conflict lead to insecure attachment and/or negative outcomes in individuals ages one…

Child Psychology,



Parents Divorce

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Divorce Should be Allowed in the Philippines

The Divorce is a legal action for married who want to end their relationship. A legal separation is similar to divorce because of fixing all the papers to legalize their separation. At the end of the process the couple’s are now completely separated from their partners. These are the some reasons why they separated from…





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The Great Divorce Themes

 Afterlife The central theme of the story is of afterlife and the final judgment. The characters of the story are sorted into people of hell, ghosts and people of heaven, spirits. Ghosts are mean, shallow and greed while spirits are magnanimous, kind and sympathetic. There is clear binary between the destinations and its inhabitants. Paradise…



Theme In Literature

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Divorce and Effects

What is marriage? According to Oxford Dictionary, marriage is defined formal union of a man and a woman, typically as recognized by law, by which they become husband and wife. A secondary definition adds, in some jurisdictions a union between partners of the same sex. Generally, marriage could be said as a commitment between two…



Parents Divorce

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Divorce: Building a Second Chance for Individual

Marriage is a sacred bond between two individuals. It vows “till death do us part”, which signifies that the married couple intends to spend the remainder of their lives together, and is the beginning of a family. Marriage is a commitment between two opposite gender. Having a wife or a husband is a good thing,…




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The Great Divorce Summary 

The story narrates the experience of a man named Lewis. He finds himself standing at a station waiting for his bus to arrive. Once he boards the vehicle he encounters many people on his journey. He meets men from different walks of life and with different temperaments. The bus however does not travel normally and…



Theme In Literature

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