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I was born into a loving and caring family, in a beautiful county called Guyana, located in South America. Guyana is also known as ‘A Land of Many Waters’. I love my country, its divided into four geographical regions. The Interior Savannahs with its luscious green grasslands, shrubs and low trees. Next, is the Hilly…



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An Analysis Of Anne Moody’s Coming Of Age In Mississippi

Anne Moody’s autobiography Coming of Age in Mississippi (1968) chronicles the experiences of an African American girl growing up in “Jim Crow” Mississippi during the civil rights movement. Moody’s experiences shaped her views on the social constructs of race and “whiteness.” Anne’s interactions with “yellow” or “mulatto” people within the African-American community directly contributed to…

African American,

African American Culture,


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My Own Developmental Autobiography

Introduction In reflecting on one’s own life, you may recognize many examples of physical, psychological, social, and cognitive development that are shared by nearly all (Capuzzi & Stauffer, 2016). Everyone will have some of the same experiences, particularly those that happen during infancy to two years of age. Jean Piaget referred to this as the…


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Personal Experiences,

Personal Growth

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Richard Wright’s Autobiography “Black Boy”

Richard Wright’s Black Boy tells the difficult story of coming of age as a young African American boy during a time of extreme racism in the South. Richard grows up with an extreme sense of distrust for white people, and is often times confused by this unequal treatment of people based upon their skin color….


Black Boy,

Book Review

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“Black Boy” by Richard Wright

Narrated by Richard Wright himself, Black Boy is an autobiography following Wright as he began to comprehend the significance of race/color in America and how it was used to determine the value of a person. While telling his childhood story, Wright is perfectly clear in his writing that he was not only raised in an…


Black Boy,

Book Review

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Writing an autobiography essay is not an easy task as it is also a sort of self-reflection in which consistency and integrity mean more than exciting content. Well, if you are still a student, your college teacher would not expect you to have too many exciting events in your life by now. Usually, it all comes down to describing where and when you were born, who your immediate family are, and where you studied. When you look at the autobiography essay samples, you might feel like you have nothing to write about but that is not the case. You are young and your life has just begun, so nobody expects too much. Use some template to make your writing look more professional, tell your audience about some exciting events you’ve been through, outline the basic facts about yourself. When you read essays on autobiography,you’d find that most people get lost when working on such pieces, so it’s not like your life is boring, it’s just that you haven’t been through many things yet and the best is yet to come.

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