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Comparison of Freelance Job and Office Job

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Freelance job and office job are ways to earn money in order to live in this life. A lot of employees wish to work in indecently. Otherwise, many freelancers envy the office-working employee. Both have pros and cons and that depends on different areas, such as motivations, control over work and job stability. First point…

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Description of the Four Job Design Alternative

Pages 9 (2 219 words)



What is the job? A job means is a group of specific tasks done under organisational support. Job design is very crucial and necessary in today’s world as it seeks to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of an organisation while recognising that the organisation’s workers or employees are at the centre of this process. According…

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Motivation for Multiple Job Holding in Nigeria and Its Threat to Employment Opportunity

Pages 5 (1 232 words)




To successfully discuss the motivation for Multiple job holding in Nigeria and to argue whether Multiple job holding is a form of threat to Nigerian employment capacity, it is pertinent to delve into the meaning and theoretical framework of multiple job holding and why people participate or do not participate in it. A peep into…

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Steps to Impress Employer in a Job Interview

Pages 2 (474 words)



Do you exactly know what is job interview? Job interview is an interview consisting of a conversation between a job applicant and a representative of an employer which is conducted to assess whether the applicant should be hired. To impress employer in a job interview is easy when you follow these steps namely prepare a…

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My Ideal Job

Pages 2 (395 words)




As we gradually near the end of school, each student must decide what profession or career path they would like to attempt. Ensuring a purpose helps students to determine which subjects to select for our upcoming IGCSE and IAL examinations. During this time period, everyone find or discover their dream jobs. An ideal job is…

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Job Recruitment Process

Pages 3 (674 words)




Recruitment process is the process of identifying job opening, assessing the job requirements, reviewing applications, eliminating, shortlisting and selecting the right candidate. Recruitment process aims to find the appropriate candidate for the right job at the right time. Recruitment process involves job description, person specification, application forms, terms of employment, and benefits and rewards. Nexton…

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Good Qualities of a Job Description

Pages 2 (459 words)



Job description is defined as a document intended to provide job applicants with an outline of the main duties and responsibilities of the role which they are applying.(WikiJob, 2017). It means that it plays a very important role in recruitment and job selection for both organization and the candidate. It acts as a weapon in…

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Job Design for Older Workers

Pages 2 (349 words)



In job design, it is necessary to match the job demands with the cognitive ability, sensory, motor ability, and health conditions of the older workers (Sharit & Czaja, 2012). In manual labor jobs, matching between the physical abilities with the job demands is an important element to keep older workers from injury in particular occupations…

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Ways to Choose a Job You Love

Pages 2 (344 words)




How to choose a job you love?This is how you turn the vague and confusing question of ‘What should I do with my life?’ into a system that guarantees you do what you love. How do most people choose a career? They don’t. They stumble into a job after college, take whatever they can get,…

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The Classification of Bad Coworkers

Pages 7 (1 605 words)



Almost everyone will experience coworkers at some point in a job. Some coworkers can be enjoyable to work with, while others not so much. I have not had a job, but I had volunteer at a school library and while there I experience both good and bad with co-workers. However, I leamed how to handle…

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