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Homeric Fate: The Illustration of the Inevitable

Fate is defined as the principle or determining cause by which events are believed to happen as they do. In the provisional world of heroes, fate is often the adverse outcome of mortals’ exploits. Examining Homeric fate demonstrates the divine influence destiny plays in the Iliad. Mortals are subject to their fate and the gods who…

Ancient Greece,


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Fate or Free Will in Doctor Faustus

Fate or free will? Some people believe in both someonly believe in only one. Others may believe in all of it. But a great example of fate versus free will is in the book Dr. Faustus where the title character has a choice to sell his soul to the devil for infinite knowledge and to practice…


Free Will,


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Free Will and Fate in The Matrix Movie

Free will is the belief that people have an unimpeded ability to choose the course of their lives whereas fate means all of our actions’ outcomes are already fixed. Neo and the Cypher for me are mostly the personifications of free will, Agent Smith and machines are the personifications of fate. The Matrix is a…


Free Will,

The Matrix

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On Theme of Fate and Free Will

In “Fate and Free Will in Vergil’s “Aeneid”,” the author, George Duckworth, makes a compelling argument that Aeneas, and other characters in the Aeneid, are not “puppets in the hands of Fate” (Duckworth 357), but rather “the gods and Fate play no part in the sequence of events” (Duckworth 360). Moreover, Aeneas cooperates using his…


Free Will

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Figure of Father in The Other Wes Moore

“We will do what others expect of us,” Wes said. “If they expect us to graduate, we will graduate. If they expect us to get a job, we will get a job. lf they expect us to go to jail, then that’s where we will end up too. At some point you lose control.” –…



The Other Wes Moore

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