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Helping Child Soldiers

The use of child soldiers is a worldwide problem. The number of children recruited into armed forces in the hundreds of thousands. The impact of being a child soldier is devastating on the child both mentally and physically. These issues can haunt the child for the rest of their life. Thankfully?? there are a number…

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Helping Others for Leaders

A good leader is someone who is willing to help others. A leader cannot be someone that does not help other and puts him/herself first. A good leader has to put others needs before their needs. Mother Teresa was a Roman Catholic Nun who commited her entire life in helping the poor. Mother Teresa established…

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Team Helping Behavior

Helping behavior is a type of interpersonal, cooperative, and affiliative extra-role behavior directed toward agro-processing group members (Liao et al., 2008; Van Dyne et al., 2008; Van Dyne and LePine, 1998). Helping behavior is not specific in group members’ requirements, meaning that they may not be rewarded by the group’s compensation system (Van Dyne and…


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Helping Others: Article Summary

The journal article, “Inter-Group Helping Relations as Power Relations: Maintaining or Challenging Social Dominance Between Groups Through Helping”, was written by Arie Nadler of Tel Aviv University. This particular journal article will discuss if in groups and outgroups establish or challenge dominance by helping others. This journal article will also see if a model of…


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Methods for Helping Others

Different methods for helping a person to feel regarded and esteemed can include me asking them inquiries. For instance, I may ask whether they require whatever else, for example, extra help from an expert to address them or to their family. Or on the other hand I may ask whether they need to do whatever…

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We Can’t Help Everyone, But Everyone Can Help Someone

A simple smile is one act of kindness even a smile can change someone’s life, kindness is being helpful towards other people and can help lessen some misunderstandings. Kindness is one of the most important attitude that a person must apply to itself because we people should treat everyone equally and must not judge them…

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Book Review: “When Helping Hurts”

In this world right now approximately 3 billion people are living in poverty, young women and children are being sold in the thousands for labor and sexual exploitation; families are living in unsanitary slums and camps and trying to fight off diseases that could be treated in my hometown of Houston with some simple antibiotics….

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Benefits of Helping Other People

Helping other people has demonstrated to be advantageous on numerous dimensions. In addition to the fact that you get the fulfillment of helping somebody out of luck, however you can profit by an expanded feeling of direction in your life. It can help your availability in your work environment and make you a greater amount…

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To Help or not to Help: Diffusion of Responsibility

The goal of the study was to explain the diffusion of responsibility phenomenon; to determine what kind of action bystanders would take when witnessing an emergency. Would they run away from the responsibility and leave the problem for someone else to solve, or would they step in and help? The researchers hypothesized that bigger groups,…

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Helping Others in Nursing Career

Helping and caring for other people have been part of life. I therefore used that as an opportunity to considered pursuing nursing as a career. There are many reasons why I have decided to become a nurse. However, before stating my reasons, I will like to educate readers of this paper as what nursing is…


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Why Become A Nurse

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