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A Fire Outbreak in My Neighborhood

Fire is a good servant but a bad master. I recall a fire accident that took place in our neighborhood last was the saddest day of my life. The night the fire outbreak occurred the weather that night was very hot and most people were sleeping outside their houses, because they could not bear…


Personal Experiences

Fire in the Amazon Rainforest

The Earth’s largest rainforest and more than 20% of the earth oxygen are provided by the Amazon Rainforest. More than half of the world’s approximated 10 million varieties of plants, animals and insects live in the tropic rainforests. One-fifth of the world’s freshwater is in the Amazon Basin. And recently the Amazon has been burning…

Climate Change,



Effects of Alien Vegetation on Fire

Introduction Fire dependent ecosystems are ecosystems that have evolved with fire as an essential contributor to habitat vitality and renewal. Many South African vegetation types depend on fire and majority of plant species in fire dependent ecosystems need fire to germinate, establish, or to reproduce therefore suppressing fire in these ecosystems does not only help…


Environmental Issues,


Fire Department Funding Issues in Edmonson Countyp

Fire departments in my community are voluntary, which means our firefighters are all volunteers, who put their lives in danger to help their community, family, and friends out of the goodness of their hearts. Our volunteer Fire Departments in Edmonson County have out of date equipment and gear. Thus, puts their volunteers in even more…



External Fire Source Factors and Safety of High-rise Building Fires

Analysis of External Fire Source for High-rise Building Fires High-rise building users have a weak awareness of fire With the increase of the height of high-rise buildings, the use of high-rise buildings is becoming more and more complicated.Some high-rise buildings are integrated with office and residential buildings, and some are integrated with commercial, office, residential…



Fire Accident on Triangle Shirtwaist Factory

Triangle shirtwaist Factory Fire was the most deadliest disaster which took place in the in Greenwich Village neighborhood, New York. There were hundreds of workers who were burned in this tragedy which included men, women and mainly girls which were from the age 15-21 years and were foreigners.This factory was owned by Max Blanck and…



Fire on Triangle Shirtwaist Factory

Fire. Essential to human survival from centuries ago; it is also one of man’s most destructive foes. The latter is the focal point of the Triangle Shirtwaist Company tragedy. This particular event has left a deep mark in the history of America. As one of the most horrible industrial tragedies, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire…



Fahrenheit 451: Symbol of Fire

In the novel Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury, the symbol of fire represents Guy Montag from power and then hope and change as Montag changes throughout the novel. Montag changes from someone that wanted to be powerful and destroy books to someone that wanted to save books and to learn how to read. During Montag’s…

Fahrenheit 451,



Wildfires of Australia

The region of Australia has experienced an ongoing issue of wildfires ever since the start of the bushfire season that started way back in June 2019, specifically the province of New South Wales. This issue continues to rage on even now, causing both the people and wildlife within the area to suffer. This bushfire season…