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We Are The Sum Total Of Our Experiences

I didn’t know about setting goals, short term goals, and long term goals. But I have not given up. I do believe I would have made it if I hadn’t listened to other people and taken their advice on my business ideas. I should have followed my dreams and my thoughts and took the chance…


Goals In Life

Guests Wants Deeper Experience

The increasing demand for “deeper experience” from guests is now developing a new marketing strategy for hotels. In recent years, guests have been focusing more on the experience the hotel can offer rather than the physical properties of the hotel. Guests starts to seek more cultural offerings of the destination. They have been searching for…



Innocence vs Experience

A unique way of getting a reader’s attention it’s by the illustration and printing of the book itself. William Blake had an extraordinary way of showing his work in this manner, by illustrating and printing the book himself. As described in the Norton book he had “etched, printed, painted, and then sewn together by hand”…



Culture Shock Experience

As some of you may be aware, I was born and raised outside of the United States of America. I grew up mostly in the Puerto Rican culture, speaking Spanish for most of my upbringing. While growing up, I was lucky enough to experience the technological revolution that took place in the 90’s, where many…



Worst Job Experience

Nursing job is a job where nurses provide hands-on job to the patients seeking care by administering medications, observing improvement or worsening of the disease, monitoring the intake and output, maintaining the records, building therapeutic relationships with the health care team members, providing emotional support to the patient and his family members, doing follow up…



Grounded Through Life Experience

If you were to approach me roughly six years ago, I never would have even recognized that I was a cultural being. As an adult now, reflecting on my upbringing I was either completely ignorant on cultural diversity or it was communicated subliminally that Whites are better than other minorities. I grew up in a…



The Experience of Being the Youngest Child

Being the youngest child of the family definitely has its pros and cons. You may think that being the baby is not hard at all as you can sit back and watch your older siblings do all the work, get coddled by your parents, and simply have your way. Being the youngest child has definitely…



Internship Experience

Trying to sum up all the experiences I’ve had at Tikaj in just a few paragraphs is quite challenging. This internship has taught me more than I could have imagined. Not only did they help me grow as a person and developer while I was there, but they also gave me the opportunity to find…



Important Benefits of Studying Abroad

In the last decade, due to the increasing cultural openness in the age of social communication, the interest of young people in the idea of studying abroad has increased. To understand the role of studying abroad, this essay aims to provide a discussion of its benefits, which, I think, are good not only for studying…


Studying Abroad

Ethnographic: Types of Qualitative Research 

Two of the three types of qualitative research include phenomenological research and ethnographic research. Phenomenological research is a type of research that seeks to describe a phenomenon from individuals’ perspective and experiences (Grand Canyon University, 2018). This research study does not provide further explanation of the phenomenon rather a description of a particular phenomenon. Information…





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