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City Life Is Better Than Country Life

First, living in the city has more services than in the countryside such as hospitals, schools. In particular, in many hospitals and medical facilities throughout the cities with different practitioners, such as surgeons, doctors, nurses, and psychiatrists. And the education system in cities is better with more skilled teachers and excellent facilities. Next, living in…




Obesity: Etiology, Treatment and Complications

Introduction: When fat or adipose tissue accumulates in the body excessively or in an abnormal way that affects the human health badly, this case is called obesity. It is an epidemic complex disease with etiology of multifactor. Obesity is considered as the second cause after smoking of the preventable death. A lot of bad consequences…

Bad Eating Habits,




Don’t Let Other People Shape Your Way Of Living

Peer pressure meaning the influence from members of one’s peer group. I believe we can be influenced by our peers but the outcome of whatever you decide to do truly lies in your hands. It’s an ultimatum of if you really want to do something, you’re willing to try and impress someone or you’re too…


Peer Pressure

Benefits of Community Service for Older Adults

Volunteering is appealing since it values people’s lives and benefits to society. According to some researches, a lot of individuals from different age scales engage in volunteering activities. Variable motives can cause to become a volunteer. Some motivations such as enhanced sense of purpose, personal growth, and continued productivity lead older adults to become a…


Community Service,



Problem of Obesity

Obesity is a lifestyle disease that has become more common in the healthcare population, especially in the United States. Obesity is a preventable disease but is the result to numerous deaths and complications. It is a serious issue because it puts patients at risk for multiple opportunistic deadly diseases, such as, hypertension, stroke, heart disease,…




Public Health

Obesity and Lifestyle

Obesity is one of the most important public health problems facing humanity these days. It is a medical condition described for the first time in the eighteenth century of recent history where the «corpulence» (word of the epoch to name the «obesity») was indicated as a result of a sedentary lifestyle and the frequent intake…

Fast Food And Obesity,



Obesity In America

Childhood Obesity and Ways to Avoid It

Issues Childhood obesity in Ontario has become a problem of concern and is regarded as the most common prevalent nutritional disorder. This is critical because having obesity in childhood can be carried unto youth and adulthood leading to various biological and physiological complications. Other factors which are associated with childhood obesity which made it worse…

Childhood Obesity,

Healthy Eating Habits,



Fashion Is Important For Us

Fashion is important in our everyday lives. Fashion help determine attitude and value also indicate sosial status. The type of clothing completely depends on the person what you wearing it. Your first impression is greatly important to other people’s view. In social life how you dress will help others determine your interest. Fashion is usually…



Potential Solutions to Alleviate the Worldwide Prevalence of Obesity

Over the past century, the advancement of technology has enabled the entire world to mitigate the detrimental effects of infectious diseases. Stakeholders in the health industry predict that in the next few decades, medical advancements and innovation will lead to the extinction of some of these illnesses. However, this disappearance may coincide with the emergence…





Lifestyle as a Person’s Responsibility

Lifestyle seen as a person’s responsibility how people socially lead their lives exerts a powerful influence on people and their ability to choose a healthy lifestyle the idea of choice and responsibility is not always straightforward. The black report on inequalities in health (department of health and social security,1980) has been described as an influencing…


Personal Responsibility,


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