Boredom Issue in Life Extension

  • Updated February 18, 2022
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People suggest that life extension would not go as expected, and instead of being a dreamy world and perfect as we crave for, turns out to be indifferent and meaningless. Would life extension reach a boredom stage?

first of all boredom is a state of losing interest and motivation to do certain things, according to Bernard Williams the reason why some people can be bored with life extension is due to having done things repeatedly in many aspects of life such as travelling,eating,and other entertainment activities and be left with nothing new. This suggested idea is not guaranteed that everybody can get bored by repeating the same thing firstly because boredom takes place in different kinds and due to different reasons for example taking into account modernity boredom which is defined as getting tired of changes in technology that make things seem less real and meaningful and in the end some individual feel left out and cannot keep up with the modern world’s developmental pace.

Additionally boredom can be chronic and in that case a person is distanced from things that might appear interesting to them because of living without clear goals in life or due to past experiences of disappointment. The third type of boredom which is even easier to manage is situational boredom because by changing the activity or adding more life to the boring one might quickly solve the issue. Therefore is no ample evidence that everybody who would extend their lives be bored by doing what they used to enjoy ever since they were young which are referred to ‘’repeatable pleasures” by John Martin Fischer and if people can stay the same with same old values and interests there will be no need to change themselves and their personalities for the sake of being open to new preferences which would eventually lead to complete loss of an individual’s identity when done several times.

However, there a possibility that people can undergo a change or mutation without affecting their personality even once for example, considering how normally people move from childhood to adulthood passing through puberty and many other different circumstances in life, and it is obvious that the person you were at two years of age is different from the fifty years old but still have a sense of staying their true self, similarly living longer and changing would not turn you into a new person

Besides, boredom is only subjective which means that introducing boredom pill as there already are anti-depressants can suppress being bored or the same way drinking coffee on the day you feel energetically drained can wake you up.

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