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Compare and Contrast of Two Actors

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In compare and contrast essay, I will compare two celebrities and focus on topics where there is a strong basis of comparison and multiple similarities, but also numerous differences. I will compare two celebrities and their names is Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson and they are both celebrity actors. Kevin Hart is an American stand…

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Contrast Between Living at Home and on Campus 

Pages 4 (840 words)



Students these days are faced with many difficult choices to make that will affect their future starting at a very young age. As a teenager, growing up comes with different opportunities such as where they will live when they go off to college. Most students prefer to be treated as an independent adult once they…

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Contrast of Shopping Online and Traditional Shopping

Pages 3 (543 words)



Traditional shopping takes place when an individual prefers in-store shopping characterized by the individual visiting the shop physically. Online shopping takes place when an individual buys goods or services on the internet. They are both convenient ways of shopping however individuals have preferences. With traditional shopping you can try on your clothes to ensure that…

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Sharing a Home vs. Living Alone

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Living alone or sharing a place to live with another person are two situations which completely are opposite to each other. It can be really important for some people to choose their lifestyle as it can be a really serious matter for them because some prefer privacy whereas some of the people want to interact…

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Compare and Contrast Two Photobooks

Pages 8 (1 861 words)



I have decided to compare and contrast “The Pond at Upton Pyne” by Jem Southam and “We Make the Path by Walking” by Paul Gaffney as they both explore the idea of escapism in the natural landscape in similar but also in different stylings with regard to narrative devices, design and context. Southam, using a…

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Compare and Contrast of Two Baseball Teams

Pages 3 (631 words)



For my compare and contrast essay I decided to do my topic on two Baseball teams. The two baseball teams that i’m gonna compare that in my opinion that are most alike are the Chicago cubs and the New York Yankees. The Three things in my opinion that I know that are most alike is…

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Contrast of Servant Leadership and Followership

Pages 2 (375 words)



The purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast servant leadership and followership and explain how one depends on the other to fortify an organization. The success of any organization is dependent on having both to succeed. The definition for followership is “capability or willingness to follow a leader.” (Merriam-Webster page 435) The word…

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Contrast Between Tea and Coffee

Pages 2 (407 words)



In the United States, only 24.6% of people prefer tea and 75.4% prefer coffee as their daily drink. Besides, water, tea and coffee are the most popular drinks in the world. Both men and women of all ages love these addictive, caffeinated, and delicious drinks. Although both drinks seem to have similarities, coffee and tea…

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Contrast Between Northern Renaissance and Italian Renaissance

Pages 2 (336 words)




The art from the Northern Renaissance strongly differs the art from the Italian Renaissance. One major difference between them is that art from the Italian Renaissance was more classical, while art from the Northern Renaissance was much more medieval. While both styles share similarities, it is the small, yet important, details that show that Italian…

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Contrast Between APA, MLA and Chicago Formats

Pages 2 (494 words)


Writing Experience

The contrast between the following three formats which are APA, MLA and Chicago style which are the most important format required for writing a decent essay. The abbreviation for APA is American Psychological Association, MLA is Modern Language Association, CMOS is Chicago Manual Of Style are these formats which can make clear vision for writer…

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Contrast essays are prevalent for Art History students. The concept is simple; contrast the given image to another that follows a similar style or theme. For example, if you were to compare and contrast Diego Rivera’s “The Flower Vendor” with Vincent van Gogh’s “Flower Beds in Holland,” you would have a great start to excellent essays on contrast. If you can’t find an image that matches the previous by style or theme, you can compare and contrast design elements. Design elements include line, shape, texture, space, value, color, pattern, orientation/balance.
The most important things to do in this type of contrast essay samples are to analyze line shapes (contrast the shapes in the images – are they organic? hard-edged? geometric?), texture, space, value, color, pattern, and orientation.
Another thing to look at is the mood or intent of each work. Are both pieces attempting to convey a similar feeling or emotion? Why or why not?

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