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Living at Home or Living Away from Home

Nowadays the first thing people at the age of eighteen think about is wanting to grow up and move out. Yet they have to think about all the differences that there are from living at home to living away from home. Many new challenges will be thrown at them throughout this journey while living away…




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Difference Between House or Home

The terms “house” and “home” are used as synonym, but they represent two different things. Most of the time, their meanings are regarded the same, but this statement is false if one person has a house means that she/he has a home. A house is just a building that is used as a base for…



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Concept of Home During Colonial Times

In general, home is the private place where the individual begins his life journey, also home has the connotation of the wider place, a group, a community, a village or a society, or a country to which the individual belongs. The concept of home has moved beyond these meanings, as the physical meanings, and come…



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Advantages of Smart Homes

With the increase of the elderly population and the degree of aging, the medical service cost of the elderly also increases. Chronic diseases such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes and asthma are also on the rise (Van Hoof et al., 2017). For most elderly, services provided by professional caregivers or senior care centers are still…



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Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Home

A mobile home is a trailer or caravan with a pre-assembled structure that is generally manufactured in a processing plant. It resembles a permanent home and it has all the home amenities. It is appended on some trailer chassis. However it is set at one spot but you can move it on the off chance that…



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Remote Control System for Home Appliances Using Smart Phone

Abstract There are many connected devices and piece of equipment designed to perform a specific task. The smart devices used in home are one of the indicative fields. User may confused while using remote controller device it contains multiple buttons in one remote, that equipment increase the difficulty of devices in home spaces. Showing unnecessary…




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Key Features of Dream Homes

We all usually get excited over the houses built with high style, awesome interior designs on the breathtaking location all over the world. These kinds of houses are normally shown in magazines and different TV shows. Ever wonder how these houses are built? We often secretly dream about living in those houses. But they are…




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Tips to Keep Home Atmosphere Fresh and Relaxed

Clean Home At the point when the house is clean, it is one less thing to stress over on the daily routine. Also, when a house is untidy, it’s outwardly unpleasant. Numerous ladies confess to experiencing issues cooking in a messy kitchen. The psyche is truly comparable. It is more diligently to unwind in a…




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Tips for Determining the Best Home Builders in Auburn AL

Owning a home is a dream for most individuals. A house is regarded as the most valuable asset for most people. When one the real estate market looking to achieve the goal of owning a home, there is no doubt that one will have choices. However, different approaches that one can take do not provide…



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My Hometown Then and Now

Variation is an unavoidable part of our life. People can see the evidence of changing anywhere because variation is a natural fact. Also, sometimes the differences which have been resulted in changing can be wide and distinct, other times it should be imperceptible. My hometown has been changed a lot for the last 20 years…




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Home has vital importance in anyone’s life, and wherever a man goes, he remains attached to his home. It is quite natural that home always remains the dearest place to everyone.

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