The Best Gift Is Life

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What is the most precious gift you can give to someone? An iphone, a diamond, a BMW or a life. A wise man once said, if you are not making someones life better, you are wasting your time because what you do for yourelf will die with you but what you do for others will always be immortal.

On August 21 2017, my very own best friend had a car accident and he was taken to a hospital, he was in a critical condition and he needed urgent blood. Ufortunately, the hospital he got admitted to ran out of the blood of his group. I spread the news across, among all our friends and family members but i could not see any ray of hope. He was dying before me but i could not do anything for him. His parents, friends and relatives were all hunting for the people who could donate blood of the same group but they failed to find anyone. That is when i saw his mother walk upto the doctor and screamed “please save my child”. I could see the pain, a pain of a helpless mother, expressing itself in the form of tears flowing down her face but i could not do anything. I wish i could have said that i will save your son but i could not.

Do you know? every two seconds someone needs blood. More than 38,0000 blood donations are required every single day. Every year, my country requires 50 million units of blood. A sinlge car accident victim would need as many as hundred units of blood. More than one million people are diagonosed with cancer evrey year who need blood during their treatment. Ladies and gentlemen, let me ask you, can you give me a single reason for not donating blood? If you can not, i may give you numerous benefits of donating blood. There is no subsitute of blood donation because it save lives. It does not only benefit the one who recieves it but the donator as well. It prevents heart attacks, it helps in weight loss, it burns callories and most importantly it gives you a wonderful feeling of saving a life. I pledge that i will experience this wonderful feeling and i will be a life saver one day. Now the question is, do you agree with me?

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