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Beaches and Places to Visit

On 1 September 1972, MTI established SDC, Sentosa Development Corporation as a Statutory Board under the Ministry of Trade and Industry to develop and manage the island of Sentosa as a top destination for local and tourist leisure and lifestyle. Sentosa (in Malay, peace, and tranquillity), also known as Pulau Belakang Mati on Singapore’s southern…


Management of Wanda and Summerleaze Beach

Cronulla Beach, NSW Wanda Beach is the northmost patrolled beach located along the Bate Bay coastline in Cronulla, New South Wales, Australia. Wanda beach occupies a 1.5km long central section of the beach, extending south from the northern end of the Wanda Reserve. The latitude of Wanda Beach is 34.0424° S and longitude is 151.1632°…



Assessment Of Recreation Value Of Elegushi Beach

Introduction The use of beach as an outdoor recreational outlet has gained tremendous focus of researchers over the years. For instance a perusal of relevant UK and international literature indicate that studies on water related recreation occupies the first position among nature endowed recreation resource (Scarpa, 2003). Travel cost method as a valuation method has…


Beach as a Location for Vacation

Tirelessly working day after day makes the anticipation for time off all the much more imperative, so the decision of where to take a getaway shouldn’t be taken lightly. Influential factors can be the cost and convenience, but when it comes to making a conclusive decision, book a memorable and action packed getaway that everyone…



On a Beach With a Family

One summers day a family of five decided to go down to the beach for a nice day out for something nice to do. They woke up and got out of bed and had breakfast. They packed their bag full of the things that they wanted to take for their trip down at the beach….


My Family

The short story about the beach

At daybreak, the dawn-filled sky was a mixture of peach and magenta water colours. The sun bloomed on the distant horizon, with its golden-petalled rays bouncing off the surface of the sapphire water. The beach was silent. The only noise to be heard was the sound of the waves rising and falling with rhythmic ease….


How do coastal processes shape the beach at Porlock bay?

Introduction My investigation will look at several coastal processes and how they affect the beach, and the question I came up with is ‘How do coastal processes shape the beach at Porlock Bay?’ From this I devised 2 sub questions; How does the path of transportation affect the beach’s shape? From this investigation I aim…


A Sunset by the Beach

The Sunset has a truly magical attraction. He is eager to be captured in pictures, photographs, described in words or even painted on canvases. In the rays of sunset, people can hear their own thoughts, get inspirited, or simply just sit in and enjoy the view with its warmth. A beautiful sunset is like the…


Personal Experiences

Letter from Midigama Beach

How are you doing? I think you’re doing fine. All of us are spending a great time here. How is it in England? Is it snowing these days? It’s the same weather condition for us all the time. If it changes it only changes from sun shine to rain, never snow. Therefore we never get…



My Experience at Fiji Beach

It was a bright dazzling morning, on the tropical beach of Fiji. How the day was calm. She noticed the wind stirring up, the ocean starting to grow as the waves turned colossal covering up the sand all in a second. Then, that’s how it all began. She removed her airpods and clicked them back…


Personal Experiences

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