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Professionalism in Office Technology and Management

According to National Board for Technical Education (NBTE), Office Technology and Management programme is designed to equip students with secretarial and office skills for employment in various fields of endeavour. Students are equally equipped with effective work competencies which are very essential in everyday interactions with others. Office technology is the application of scientific knowledge,…



The Role of Professionalism, Etiquette and Ethics in the Workplace

Professionalism The definition of professionalism is the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person. The disadvantages of not having professionalism is having the lack and motivation to get the job done in a timely manner. In other words, respecting company time by doing what your job requires and…


Work Ethics

Nursing Professionalism and Social Media

More individuals are continuously joining social media making it an important aspect in the lives of the current generation. This platform allows individuals to share information related to their personal as well as social lives (Edge, 2017). This has led to recruiters using this platform to vet candidates during interviews as well as accessing information…

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Social Media

Integrated Health Professional

A patient’s healthcare experience depends on the manner in which they are treated. Depending on this treatment, a patient may or may not feel reluctant to return for future assistance from a health professional. In this essay, I will discuss the importance of having an integrated health professional use the ABC and D of dignity…



Professionalism: Professional Growth

To maintain a commitment to professionalism I welcome opportunities that provide professional growth, serve as a children’s advocate and follow NAYEC ethical guidelines for the early childhood field. As an early childhood professional I believe that teachers are life-long learners. In my junior year in high school I enrolled in a two-year occupational childcare course….

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What is Professionalism?

“Professionalism is the first thing that is being notice when you are in a workplace. Professionalism is defined as a set of characteristics and skills. Being in a medical health field, or in any business that requires interactions, professionalism is expected when working with clients. For me, aside from having a profession which is I…


Spirituality and Professionalism on Workplace

Introduction Spirituality is a motivating power for an individual. It is used in distinct domains and given different definitions. According to (Giacalone&Jurkiewicz, 2003) define spirituality in work place in two levels: Individual & organization level. The individual one refers to the set of principles an individual have and how he utilizes that and facilitate connectedness…



Importance of Professionalism to Students, Patients and Practitioners

Introduction Professionalism is a key skill essential for practice as it ensures professionals are adhering to departmental protocols and guidelines. This fits in with clinical practice as it demonstrates that you can work align with your scope of practice meeting the expectations required. Professionalism is about providing safe and effective services to patients in a…

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Professionalism in Education and the Work Environments

Purpose Statement In this paper, the analysis of the article, “It Takes a Village to Assure Nurses Professionalism,” (Shepard, 2014) explaining the meaning of professionalism. It is also addressing components that lead to unacceptable behaviors, poor outcomes of student nurses and how to resolve the problem by the contribution of nursing educators, nursing leaders at…




Professionalism in Computing

What is Professionalism in Computing? Professionalism has not for everyone exactly the same meaning. According to the dictionary Lexicon “Definition of professionalism in English: 1. The competence or skill expected of a professional. 2. The practising of an activity, especially a sport, by professional rather than amateur players.” This definition very general and do not…

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