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Evaluation and Awareness of Oneself

Self-concept is the evaluation and awareness of oneself about his or her distinction from others. Self, on the other hand, is a single being that is developed through continuous and conscious experiences and self-understanding based on human knowledge and emotions. Self and self-concept are different from each other yet these two work together. Creating concept…

Self Awareness,

Self Evaluation,

Self Reflection

This I Believe: Be Yourself

I believe that people should be who they really are, but not to pretend to become someone else. What does it mean to be who you are? It is not what you want to be that makes you special, but it’s how God made you that shows your true colors and makes you unique. A…


Self Evaluation,

This I Believe

Personal Leadership Strengths Evaluation

What strengths can indicate about leadership style? Achiever Achievers are defined socially competent and emotionally stable children always carry the opportunity to make friends, solve academic problems without taking stress. by their self-motivation and need to accomplish tasks daily. They often times work harder and longer than others. For me this comes into play with…


Personal Strengths,

Self Evaluation