Why Human Life Expectancy Is Increasing Globally

  • Updated January 23, 2021
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This is a measure of an average time of any living organism like – survival time of humans. Life expectancy is different for different organism. For example – human have different life span than animals. Even in animals, life expectancy is different among them. In the upcoming paragraphs, I will discuss the life expectancy in 3 different countries (U.S, Canada and China).

In U.S, life expectancy decreases since few years. The chief reason behind this is overdose of drugs and suicides. Anderson says that U.S is technologically advanced country with advanced health care system and lots of properties still life expectancy declines steadily rather than increasing. It surges over the passage of a century but now all unexpected it appears to overturn. Researchers found that among the year of 2016 and 2017 life expectancy of women remained unaffected at 81.1 years but on the other hand, in 2017, life expectancy of men fell to 76.1 from 76.2 in 2016. Number of death rate in this country is 72.8 deaths per 100,000 population in 2016 which is increased 3.1 to 731.9 in 2017. By age group, people of 25 to 44 and above the age of 85 shows significant rise in death percentage.

There are various reasons of reducing life expectancy there, but there are some top causes of death- heart disease and cancer are the important ones for increasing death rate. Cancer was the only cause of death within the top 10 to understand a significant decline in its age-adjusted death rate, which marked down by 2.1 percent to 152.5 per100000 average population. Some other reasons with percentage are influenza and pneumonia (5.9%), unintentional injuries (4.2%), also overdose of unintentional drugs and suicide (3.7%) seeing the largest increases. In the season of year of 2017-2018, around 80,000 people died due to flu. It may affect people whose health is compromised and may also push unhealthy people into death. A third CDC report shows that suicide rate has continued to increase, in 1997 it is 10.5 per 100,000 population and increased by 3.5 to 14.0 in 2017. Increasing death rate due to drugs and suicides affects the younger population because this age group is mostly addicted to drugs.

Now, we look at the life expectancy of 2 world’s largest country, Canada. Since the past 90 years, life expectancy of Canada has been increased steadily but now because of large number of opioid-related deaths, average could slowly go down (Tunney). In this country, the average life span of people is about 80 years and in recent times it has been gradually rising. Dr. Robot says that a dip or fall in life expectancy in Canada is only due to 4,000 opioid-related deaths last year alone across the country. For women, position of Canada is 6th with life expectancy at 82.2 years and on the other hand it is at 5th number for men at 77.1 years. With the difference of only 5.1 years between men and women, Canada had the 3rd least difference among male and female. In the year of 2002, there were 3 provinces with longest life expectations and these provinces are British Columbia, Ontario and Alberta at 80.6, 80.1 and 79.7 years respectively. On the other hand, sexes were also examined separately. For men and women, life expectancy at 78.2 years and 82.9 years, British Columbia maintained its first place ranking. Leading cause of death since the end of 1970’s has been disease of circulating system and cancer.

In China, quality of air is very unhealthy due to burning of firewood, this air pollution further causes death of people. New study about this demonstrates that heavy air pollution shortens the life span of people in northern China. In 1990’s scientists estimate that over the population of around half billion people alive they will live approximately 5 or 6 years less than people who lives in southern China only because of dirty air. Some guidelines setup in China which gave coal for heating, for fuel boilers and for offices but only to north cities of Huai River, which divides China into two parts, North and South. From the year 1981 to 2000, researchers collected information of 90 cities on yearly regular average absorption of total suspended particulates.

In China, particles whose diameter is 100 micrometers or less are discharged from automobiles, construction sites also affect seriously people’s well-being. There is a enormous difference in the treatment or in the quality of air among North and South China which seems to be difficult for researchers to collect data that would be incredible in a scientific setting. Researchers examination recommends that in the atmosphere, life expectancy of China depresses at birth by about three years only due to every additional 100 micrograms of particulate matter per cubic. Study also shows that there is large difference in the form of particulate matter rather than in other forms like – Sulphur dioxide and nitrous oxide in air between North and South China.

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