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All About Me: Best Self Portrait 

When I am at my best I bring out the charm that best highlights my strong interpersonal traits. Often many people have a notion that accounting is all about looking at numbers, paperwork and sitting quietly behind a desk and therefore no need to use your conversational skills. That is actually a very wrong perception…

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Self Analysis

All About Me: Self-Analysis

I come from a wealth Chinese family which my father is a businessman. Currently, I am studying foundation in computing and technology programme at Asia Pacific University and I plan to continue my degree in Cyber security course. My favourite subject is Mathematic because I love solving complicated problem that involve calculation. I have great…

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Self Analysis

All About Me: From Nepal to the United States

When I was in Nepal, I was a very confident, strong and independent girl. I had a big family and a lot of friends, so that is why I never had to figure out anything on my own. Therefore, so far, I have lived a happy and problem-free life. Transitioning to college was the biggest…

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That’s My Story

A long time ago when I was just a little kid. My parents got a divorce cause of our my dad was and stills his till this day. I don’t want anything to do with him anymore. But I’ve shrugged through the years. Beginning of the story: When I was little my life was hard…

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All About Me: Life and Work in India

Hello, I am Vaishnavi Mande. I hail from a historic city called Kolhapur in the state of Maharashtra in India. I was brought up in Kolhapur since the age of 3. It’s a peaceful, amiable city popular for a temple of goddess MahaLaxmi (the goddess of wealth), handmade wooden sandals and the Kolhapuri cuisine, especially…

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All About Me: Main Aspects of My Life

Each person is unique in their very own way. Whether it is the people who are influences on them, the activities they are involved in, or the goals they set for themselves, everyone is different. Differences are what makes me, me, and what makes you, you. Unfortunately, we find it hard to share these differences…

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All About Me: Challenges and Enjoy

My name is Meg Shelton. I was born and raised in Decatur, Alabama. I am a twenty-year-old student at Calhoun Community College. My major is undeclared, but I am interested in Computer Sciences. I plan to attend the University of Alabama in Huntsville after I complete my basic courses at Calhoun. The road to student…

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All About Me: My Past and Dreams

On the surface I think I am perceived as an introvert. Honestly, in most social settings and gatherings this presumption would hold some truth. Underneath what I am Presumed to be, I am artsy, opinionated, and observant; these I believe to be my best characteristics. A little back story of myself, I am the youngest…

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All About Me: My Story of Growing Up

Every year at some point a teacher asks you to describe a role model in your life. Coming up with an answer used to be easy for me, but growing up tends to change your perspective. I could lie to you and tell you I’ve had strong relationships in my life, however, an untruthful story…

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All About Me: Born in Nigeria Grew up in America

In March of 2001, I was born in Lagos, Nigeria. I moved to Houston, Texas when I was ten months old which is also where I was raised. Although my family spent most of their lives in Nigeria, they learned to adapt to the American politics. In Nigeria, political corruption is profound in their government….

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