Accepting of Truth of Life

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It is not easy to accept some truth. The things are understandable, but we do not want to believe them. It is also difficult to believe the truth because then we have to liberate ourselves from the thinking that is about life now has been maintained.

Remember when we and you were left, we used to understand that the whole world was revolving around us. Everyone in life has come with the same objective to achieve what he wants. Nothing else mattered in childhood. There came a time in life when it seemed that we are not the center of this world, as we had been thinking from the beginning.

When we don’t have to say yes to the place or we have to keep quiet by smiling and saying nothing. Because we are not in the center of this world, and we should know that this is a very simple thing. With all It happens.

This is the hard truth that we learn in life. However, there are other truths, which we have to face. When we fail and accept it, then it leaves a lot of impact on our life, our Happiness and betterment of condition depends on how we accept these harsh truths. Not being able to accept these means that we cover the scope of our life around them. They refuse, ignore them and stop themselves from living with the truth. But the truth awaits us and the sooner we accept them, the sooner we become happy. It is not easy to accept truth And I am not writing them because you are afraid to read this article. This truth is meant to give you freedom. Richard Rohr says, ‘Every truth brings a gift and it is only then when do we accept it. Four true aspects of life that are sure to happen to all:

Life is Hard

Seeing photos and videos of social media or people around, it seems that their lives are better than ours. Actually the truth is that the life of every person is difficult, whether you want to know this or not. Recently asked Musk What is his great-looking life? The answer was, actually there are a lot of highs, depths and tensions. I don’t think anyone would want to hear more about the last two words. Is he the right to say, those who do not believe that their right is also facing man difficulty Yes.Not it feels easy it is to climb a success that steps one after another.

Effortless Life

We get the idea that if there is no effort then it will not work, so we stop trying and wait for the next sequence. This is utter nonsense. Life is difficult for everyone. And it is achieved only after facing adverse situations. The question is not whether you have faced pain in your life or not, actually the question is, how will you behave when faced with them? Will. Learn in my life and think about what was the incident that led to the lesson of success. According to me, where the injury was too much, I found a way to learn and move forward. To be rejected, to fail, to fall and to shame. One learns more in situations.

From this we should learn that life is difficult, and it is also right, because it teaches the person to advance in life.

You are not so Important

We go to a park, where we have never been before. The city is also unknown. There is a group of boys laughing at us. We wonder if they are making fun of my nose or my clothes. No, It is not so. They do not know you nor do they mean to you and they are laughing at you. All the blame is only on your thinking. The only time I, I and I, rite. Used to seeing Is

The bitter truth is that you are not important. People will not spoil their sleep by talking about your comments or your performance in any work. If you keep aside the posts on social media, then your thoughts And does not give any importance to your thinking. We have been encouraged to give importance to ourselves, so that we are focused inside instead of looking outside. So suppose we value There is no need to waste time. There is no need to waste time on what people are thinking about you. Once you accept it then you will ask yourself and what is important to you? What else is special in life? What is more important than me? It will give us freedom from the idea of ​​waste. We will be able to understand our life better.

From this we should know that I am not only important, but what is important in the rest, we need to find out.

Everything is not under Your Control

We are taught from the beginning to control, achieve what you want, after that you will always be happy. It is a difficult path, which lacks confidence. Then we control not only ourselves but our relationships and everything We are not prepared to look weak in front of others. Especially it is seen more in men. We are prepared in such a way that we listen to our fears and ourselves. Try to keep safe, it is not needed. The habit of controlling it is hurting us more. Richard Rohr says,, ‘If you want to end the pain then end this thinking that we are controlling. Then the feeling of faith will increase. You will be able to do something better.’

This means that not everything is under your control, but it means that you can teach to believe.


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How do you accept the truth in life?
Take the courage and start a process of self-reflection to come to the truth of your current situation . Accept the truth of the situation. Do not judge the situation or yourself. Instead know that although it may feel unpleasant for the moment, by accepting reality as it is you are doing the right thing.
What are the truths of life?
There is no one answer to this question since everyone's perspective on life will be different. However, some general truths about life that many people believe in are that it is precious and should be lived to the fullest, and that everyone will face hardships and challenges at some point.
What does accepting the truth mean?
Accepting the truth means that you are willing to face the reality of a situation, even if it is difficult or painful. It also means that you are willing to let go of any beliefs or ideas that are not based on reality.
Why is it important to accept the truth?
First, it's important to accept reality because in order to make a change for the better, you must accept . Rejecting reality does not change reality. In fact, rejecting reality often turns pain into suffering.
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