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Work Inspiration

Today an associations result is exceptionally subject to the representative’s work inspiration. It is along these lines vital for an organization to discover what inspires its representatives with the goal that it can design an appropriate reward framework and increase better outcomes. The correct mix of immaterial and material reward can support up the representatives’…



The Health, Safety and Environment of Works

Introduction Employees have to spend most of their hours and days working at the workplace. Work provides mostly economic, social and psychological and even financial experiences that helps to promote the mental well-being of individuals. The work environment should be free of hazards as much as possible to bring forth a healthy and decent work…





Workplace Motivation Paper

In the current era, almost every organization would like to select and have highly motivated and workaholic employees to obtain high productivity and reputation in the competitive world but truly somewhere they are lacking in understanding what really leads people motivated towards work. However, organizations could be progressively effective if the representatives had invested enthusiasm…



Motivation and Employee Performance

According to Stephen P Robbins Motivation, it can be defined as the willingness to exert high levels of effort towards their business goals. Motivation is the inner drive that pushes a person and determines their behavior toward goals. Motivation is an important component in Human Resource Management (HRM). Motivation in HRM can be defined as…



10 Best Work from Home Careers

If you think setting up natural human resources like water, electricity, and more, is impossible for you, then you may feel that the money needed to live a life is costlier than anything. With rent, food, energy and other costs with taxes on rise, many of us can have a very less extra money. Even…




Time Management in Workplace

Time management is that the process of organizing and planning a way to divide it slow between specific activities. Experience management enables you to figure smarter – not harder – in order that you get more drained less time, even when time is tight, and pressures are high. Failing to manage your it slow damages…

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Duterte on Deporting Chinese Workers

President Rodrigo Duterte is against deporting Chinese workers here in our country. It is because he said that if the Chinese workers work here in our country we Filipinos can easily work in China as well, our President didn’t consider that many of our fellow countrymen will suffer in his decision to make Chinese works…




Work Environment

The term ‘work environment’ is known to explain the environmental conditions in which an employee perform different tasks. The work environment can be of physical conditions such as, workplace temperature, workplace equipment tools such as- personal computer systems, etc. it can also be related to the factors such as work processes or work protocols. Work…



Nurses’ Working Environment

A good working environment is crucial for employee satisfaction and productivity. Patient care is directly related to the quality of work environment of nurses (Kramer and Schmalenberg, 2008:105). A negative environment causes employees to be unhappy with their jobs, and makes them less productive (Halfman, 2012:226). Florence Nightingale went further to state that a ‘healing’…




Stress at Work

In this survey, the respondents consist of 38 male and 40 female who work in the construction site. Among the respondents, 40 people feel stress at work and only out of 38 has experienced symptoms of stress. This category of respondents is construction workers who have been working in a construction site for a long…

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