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Forgiveness in Film ‘O Brother Where Art Thou’

In the opening scene of “O Brother Where Art Thou?” just after escaping a chain gang, there are three prisoners running towards a railroad track in the open field in Mississippi, still in their old style black and white jumpsuits and shackles tied to each other. Right off the back, we can tell it’s going…



Great Depression

Concepts of Truth in ‘Nothing but the Truth’ and ‘Forgiveness’

‘Nothing but the truth’ and ‘Forgiveness’, both have strong messages that are affiliated with them. The play and the filmscript both portray the historical events that took place against Apartheid in South Africa with close reference to some of the political activists who struggled against Apartheid, and yet each of them have their own themes,…

Film Analysis,




Forgiveness Commission

For the event of Apartheid the process of reconciliation has been put into practice by The TRC ( truth and reconcilitaion commison) was set up in terms of the Promotion of National Unity and Reconciliation Act, No. 34 of 1995, It was based in Cape Town where the apartheid happened. This commission was introduced to…


Biblical Worldview,


Theme of Forgiveness in Religion in the Counseling Office

To properly incorporate scripture in a counseling session is difficult to achieve especially if one does not fully understand the subject. In order to assist counseling professionals in such areas as “Psychology, theology, and spirituality in Christian counseling” (McMinn, 2011) was published to “effectively add in Scripture, prayer, and forgiveness” into normal counseling practices (McMinn,…

Christian Worldview,





Theme of Forgiveness in ‘Touching Spirit Bear’ by Ben Mikaelsen

The novel “Touching Spirit Bear” by Ben Mikaelsen Book taught me new lessons like ancient traditions can solve modern problems. The major theme in this book teaches us about healing and forgiveness. It tells us that you need to overcome past before you can move forward. The book explores the transition of a young boy…



Juvenile Justice System

Forgiveness in ‘The Five People You Meet in Heaven’

During Eddie’s journey and experiences in life and in heaven, he learns how he has impacted the five lives while on earth. Eddie finds that his life did have true meaning and purpose. Before he meets the five people in heaven he feels that his life is worthless and has no meaning. He is physically…

Christian Worldview,



‘Nothing but the Truth’ and ‘Forgiveness’

The play, nothing but the truth (Kani, J. 2002) and the screenplay, Forgiveness (Latter, G, et al. 2006) deals with the truth and reconciliation, however, it each has different opinion and perceptions of truth and reconciliation. Both the play, Nothing but the truth (Kani, J. 2002) and the screenplay, Forgiveness (Latter, G, et al. 2006)…




Evil and Forgiveness

The concept of evil and forgiveness has created a controversy among modern philosophers and Christian believers. Christians believe that evil arises from the original sin committed by human beings and that one can be forgiven if he asks for forgiveness from God (wiley, 2014). Philosophers argue that forgiving evildoers encourage more evils in the world….


Nazi Germany,


Forgiveness: Article Review

Meneses, C. W., & Greenberg, L. S. (2014). Interpersonal Forgiveness In Emotion-focused Couples’ Therapy: Relating Process To Outcome. Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, 40(1), 49-67. doi: Key Terminology: “emotional injury” (El), Enright Forgiveness Inventory (EFI) The purpose of this study was to examine married couples capacity for forgiveness after a significant transgression within the marriage. The…



Mental Health

Forgiveness in the Filipino Context

“Forgive me for being…” “Forgive me for doing…” are statements that are typically used in daily conversations. People nowadays think that asking for forgiveness is just the same thing as buying a candy. But what does forgiveness really mean? How do we grant and seek for forgiveness? Does forgiving removes resentment towards people who hurt…



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