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Tips for Weight Loss

Make an Idea Get a diary to write down down just what you are going to try to to , and the way you’re getting to slim down. Write down how you schedule your work out whether it’s 3-4 days every week Cardio or an aerobics class. What are your targets for weight loss? Which…

Weight Loss

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Content Influence

In terms of content, this thesis takes inspiration from both historic and contemporary published works. These influences either work with poetry in order to create an appealing visual or have created visuals for a selected text. Historically, the use of poetry with visuals has been done with a focus on the typographic effects. Calligrams and…


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Richard Wright’s Autobiography “Black Boy”

Richard Wright’s Black Boy tells the difficult story of coming of age as a young African American boy during a time of extreme racism in the South. Richard grows up with an extreme sense of distrust for white people, and is often times confused by this unequal treatment of people based upon their skin color….


Black Boy,

Book Review

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One More Order Business Plan

Executive Summary In October 2018, Zhen Qin recognized the “One More Order” Chinese Restaurant. Zhen Qin recognized the Chinese restaurant in 9th Ave, Brooklyn. “I called the restaurant “One More Order” because I want the customer order again and again, more and more.” Zhen Qin has set up a “One More Order” Chinese Restaurant, which…


Business Plan,


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How to Become a Less Stressed Medical Assistant

Working as a Medical Assistant can be very rewarding at times, yet it can become extremely stressful and exhausting. Some days are better than others. Holding a Medical Assistant title includes putting yourself on the line to be held liable for any malpractice that happens on your behalf. These malpractices include administering improper medications or…

Health Care,

Medical Assistant,


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My Hometown during Springtime

My Hometown pure and calm river divides the range of the high mountains and the flourishing trees and field into two parts. This mellow and clean river, which never stops running, is converged by many spring waters from the depths of the mountains. Terraced fields are surrounded by rows of fresh and green trees, that are…



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Grit, the Future and Friends

What am I doing with my life, in high school? What do I believe about myself, what do I believe about others? What is my future? All these questions at some point will be asked by any given person, this semester we have looked at these questions and been challenged to think critically about these…


My Future

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What the Value of Life

Is life just about avoiding pain or is there something more. In Steve Jobs 2005 commencement address at stanford university Jobs attempts to inspire the graduating students by providing his perspective on the value of life. Jobs makes the claim that death is likely the single best invention of life jobs 2005 although a bit…

Value of Life,


Values of Life

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A Career in Music Therapy

In a career in music therapy, one will have many duties which will be described as follows. A music therapist will use music therapy to address a patient’s goals that they want to achieve, including self care, adapting to changes in one’s life, increasing thinking and comprehension skills, increasing self esteem, and assisting with communication….


Health Care,

Music Therapy

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5 Essential Spring Farming Preparation Tips

The first day of spring, March 20th is approaching us quickly. For farmers, this is a critical time that predicts the upcoming success of their spring and summer seasons. Spring is a time to establish a foundation for the summer and layout some groundwork. Read below to start this season off on the right foot…



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