Self Assessment: Leadership & Change in Organizations

Updated April 21, 2022

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Self Assessment: Leadership & Change in Organizations essay

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Based on the survey and the leadership skills learnt in this course, what I have understood is to be successful in career, regardless of my position and title I always need to focus on developing my leadership skills. Survey clearly says that I am good at becoming the leader but I have to improve in most of the characteristics and skills. Personal characteristics like Self-confidence, Positive Attitude and Outlook and Emotional Intelligence are being calculated for the survey in the course. In which the survey said Self-confidence and positive attitude skills of mine are great where I need to concentrate on fewer parts of it. Emotional Intelligence is where I need to concentrate more and improve my skills in this. Emotional Intelligence includes soft skills, character skills and communication skills which are specific talents used to understand human talents. Empathic listening skills is where effective communication and effective listening. This course is helping me in increasing my reading and writing skills. Survey also gave results related to transformation leadership skills which includes vision of the future, decision making techniques, prioritizing skills, motivating people and managing performance. After all survey results and course work, I chose transformation leadership and I also think I need to improve a lot in it. Transformation Leadership: Working with transformational leader skills will be wonderful and inspiring experience. Putting energy and passion into everything is what about. This skill also includes improving how to care and want what we need to succeed.

Transformation leadership is all about developing the vision, selling the vision and leading the charge. These visions may be developed by the leader, by the senior team from a broad series of discussions. The important factor of this skill is that the leader buys into it, hook, line and sinker.

The route forwarding to future may not be obvious and may not be written in details, but with a clear vision, the output of this will always be known. By this, I can say that finding the forward way can be an ongoing process of course correction which will accept that there will be failures and build future along the way. As long as we feel progress is being made this leadership skill plays its role. Transformational Leaders are always visible and will stand up in every situation rather than hiding behind the teams. They show it by their attitudes and actions how everyone else should behave in difficult situations. They also make continued efforts to motivate their followers, by constantly training the team on listening, soothing and enthusing.

Self Assessment: Leadership & Change in Organizations essay

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