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The Impact of Financial Assistance

Abstract This paper will discuss the issues with financing education that many college students face, along with the distribution of financial assistance based on family income along with race and gender. This paper will also show how communities come together to give to those in need of assistance when it comes to financing their education….



Social Inequality

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Globalization in America

The reason why there is so much wealth and poverty is due to numerous reasons but it dates back all the way back to 1492 with America’s 16th century globalization. The capital and modern system was the biggest moment in colonization, because the land was taken away by Spain and Portugal. This epidemic was destroying…

Global Citizenship,


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What Does It Mean to Be White

Describe the life experiences that have informed your racial attitudes and beliefs and reflect on your level of interaction with members of other racial/ethnic groups. What in your life has facilitated or hindered you in interacting with members of different racial/ethnic groups? When I was growing up, I felt like I never could define people…


Social Issues,

White Privilege

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Body Plan Innovation in Treehoppers Through the Evolution of an Extra Wing-Like Appendage 

The introduction of the article started with the comparison cicadas and treehoppers, the difference between these two insects is that the cicadas have two various forms, the colors, and texture of their helmets mimic their natural elements. Meanwhile, treehopper doesn’t have helmets, treehoppers are such aggressive ants, and they have thorns attach to their back….




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Academic Performance of African American Students

Society has long maintained certain stereotypes about there being inherent differences in performance or natural ability between racial groups. For instance, that African Americans are better at sports than Caucasians, or that Caucasians perform better academically than African Americans, or that Asians are better at mathematics than Caucasians. These stereotypes are based on the assumption…




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Socialization through Instagram

This paper explores my experiences and socialization through Instagram, the most popular social media platform of the decade. This specific platform was extremely influential to my adolescent socialization while attending Catholic private school for the first time. At this age, the mind is easily moulded and absorbs information involuntarily. Although most ideas portrayed on Instagram…




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Prison Systems Essay

I chose this specific passage because it ties into Conover’s claims about the prison systems; that their environments tarnish the humane quality’s of both guards and inmates. I also found this passage to be relevant to some of the themes that I came across while reading Conover’s memoir which include:  the dehumanizing nature of American…


Stanford Prison Experiment

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Social Discrimination and Social Injustice

In the world today, discrimination is one of the biggest downfalls of society. It is a terrible thing that has been present in people forever. But why is it still an issue, even after everything the people in the world have been through? Katherine Mansfield’s story “The Doll’s House” shows one way a person, or…

Social Injustice

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Racial Profiling as Social Injustice

We are taught that slavery ended thousands of years ago. It wasn’t until the early 1960’s segregation would end, allowing all races to be in the same room together. Slavery ending meant that African Americans would finally be free. After years and years of fighting for equality, it finally happened. The Civil Rights Act of…

Racial Profiling,

Social Injustice

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Avoid Barriers to Confidence-Building

Confidence is a favorable result expectation. It’s not a characteristic of personality; it’s an evaluation of a scenario that sparks motivation. If you have trust, you are encouraged to make an effort, invest your time and money, and persist in achieving the objective. Let alone confidence does not itself produces achievement; it’s the investment and…


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