Network Society

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As we all have come to know that modern societies are in the activity of becoming network societies. The network society is the social structure of this new age where society is overwhelmed by systems that comprise of flat correspondence. ““Manuel Castells Oliván’ is a Spanish humanist particularly connected with research on the data society, correspondence and globalization.”(1) He says that systems have turned into the essential units of today’s day society. Castells contends that it is not only the innovation that characterizes present day social orders, but it also includes other factors such as political, social and financial components that make up today’s network society.

We have found ourselves living in an era of time; where all of these societies are experiencing the major impact of media onto our lives. These different media’s are now in charge of changing, manipulating and controlling the way our societies think and act. In a study that was made on the concentration of media ownership, they have come to find out that “fewer companies now own more media outlets, increasing the concentration of ownership. In 1983, 90% of US media was controlled by 50 companies; as of 2011, 90% was controlled by just 6 companies and in 2017 the number was 5.”(2)

Nevertheless, this makes these big media outlets apply a new culture into society often called the networked culture, where the primary outcome of it is to have a network connection between different units whether with people, machines or even both together. One of the leading examples of Network Society in media is of how global companies took benefit of having government power into this sector eliminated, so they have had more of the freedom to combine the network, platforms and channels all together of which they can now control. One of the world’s most famous businessmen, known as Rupert Murdoch has been using his great power in the industry to influence these 3 factors.

Furthermore, media outlets such as Reuters would gather news but its not only them; we can do it too then we both can report this news on our multiple platforms then again we can all talk about this news. This has been the technique used by these companies ever since social media and globalization were introduced because in the elder days, when media communications was vertical and we had one outlet at the top that will gather the news, the other will report it and we would be sitting at home receiving the news.


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