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Present and Future of Artificial Intelligence

Won’t it be an amazing experience if all the devices in our house could take orders and perform their tasks without us inspecting them or even be in the house? Doesn’t this entire thought seem like directly out of Sci-Fi movies where we have only seen Batman or Iron Man talking to their devices or…

Artificial Intelligence,


Cyber Security: Chemical Industry as a Conducive Target

Internet being a platform for variety of risks as it is open to all kind of users such as the spies, identity thefts, terrorists, and others with an intention for mass destruction. The industrial sector has been an influential target from the times when technology took over. Industries being a common ground for computer-controlled equipment’s…


Cyber Security

Artificial Intelligence: the Present & the Future

After 13.8 billion years of slow but constant evolution, the human species have come to a level where it can extend its area of reach through the creation of Intelligent Machines. These machines with their advanced technologies can now perform multiple complex levels of tasks with accuracy & precision, which are difficult for the human…

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Benefits and Risks of Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering is the process of inserting DNA or genes from other species, and placing them into another species. This biotechnology, while its potential benefits could be great, also has severe risks. Prior to recent advances in biotechnology, gene therapy was unheard of, and unfixable. Today genetic testing is widely available, and fairly inexpensive. We…

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Genetic Engineering: Utilizing Animals to Benefit Genetically Impacted Disease Research

Genetic diseases shackle the lives of millions of people every day. The last few decades yielded the breakthrough technology needed to eradicate these crippling diseases. Animals possess the innate ability to model diseases in a similar fashion as humans, allowing scientists to research and find cures for genetic diseases without experimenting on humans. Genetically engineering…

Animal Testing,

Genetic Engineering

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