Effects of Cell Phone Addiction

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As today, percentage of people who has a mobile phone is increase in last decade. By according to the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project; there are 97 percent who owned a cell phone under 44 of age. Based on it, we can see how technology develops days by days and years by years. Of course, it’ll have the pros and cons. Likewise, people use it more and more in their life as an object everything need to have. That’s the reason why mobile phone become one of the addiction to the human lifetime.

In the 20st Century, mobile phone keeps coming out, to meet the needs of the people. It becomes an object that everyone always has in their pocket. Smartphone more and more terms of communication, and entertainment. In recent years, most of the global use mobile and owned at least a mobile phone; they can use it to search for news, works, and education easier and faster than reading the resources from the books. For instance, mobile phone is a tool for communication with family and friends, keep in touch, privacy, and finish many tasks easier.

In the other hand of smartphone is an effect on mobile phone addiction through anxiety, depression, or stress. Alexithymia as an example of mobile phone addiction, for those people who are on the phone almost all day. It is one of the most concern today. Especially teenagers, there is 91 percent of teenagers, from ages 13 to 17, access the internet on cell phones.

Moreover, “a survey of over 1649 college students found that they spend 97 minutes a day texting, 118 minutes searching the Internet, 41 minutes on Facebook, 49 minutes e-mailing, and 51 minutes talking on their cell phone.” Known as mobile phone use today may have a significant impact on distraction such as education or work, and privacy endangered. The mobile phone abuse is rising as an important issue among population in this world including physical as well as mental problem.

Overall, mobile phone had created to adapt the needs of the people, economic, and diplomatic. Know that mobile phone very helpful but everyone shouldn’t abuse it because no one know how bad it is after that. In addition, there is someone was on the phone for watching movie, and texting almost all day for every day instead doing something outdoor just for fun or talk to someone. As a result, they’re seem like lost communicate skill, be an alexithymia person and always stay in the house. Use a mobile phone is not wrong, but abuse it is wrong

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Do phones affect mental health?
Yes, excessive use of phones and social media can lead to negative impacts on mental health such as anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders. However, moderate and mindful use of phones can also have positive effects on mental health by connecting individuals to support systems and resources.
What are three negative effects of smartphone addiction?
1. Smartphone addiction can lead to social isolation and loneliness. 2. Smartphone addiction can also lead to anxiety and depression.
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