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Bleach: The angel and Grim Reaper

The depths of the human mind are in a enigma. People think differently, and sometimes that makes the human race stupid. Often It Is believed bleach is bad,purely a ruthless, dangerous,killer,but what If bleach turned out to be a hero. Well that Is a reality, because bleach Is a hero in some ways. Bleach Is…




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Outbreak: A Disease of Its Own

Humanity has a strange fascination with its own demise. Apocalyptic stories captivate audiences across all forms of media; The Walking Dead showed us yet another zombie outbreak, Margaret Atwood showed us a world dying from infertility in The Handmaid’s Tale, and Plague Inc. and Pandemic both are games that hinge on destroying humanity by creating…




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Gabriella Gjuraj A Long Way Gone Review

Overall I believe that the book A Long Way Gone was a good book and had a lot of interesting points throughout it. It was a book that pulled me into it as soon as i started reading it. This book is a memoir of a boy soldier. This book was written by Ishmael Beah…

A Long Way Gone,



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The Makings of an Activist 

An activist is someone who will stand up for what they think is right, and someone who will not back down no matter how hard things get. They will never give up, and will always push to fix wrong things in the world without using violence, instead with using justice. This is what an activist…

Human rights,

Influential Person,


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Annotated Bibliography Micro-Housing in New York

In this article written for The Architects Newspaper, Edelson tracks the trend of micro-housing in New York, specifically a micro-apartment development called Carmel Place in Manhattan and how many choose to see it as a revolutionary effort or how many see it as exploitative. The author relives the series of events that led to the…

Annotated Bibliography,


New York City

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Society in The Handmaid’s Tale

In The Handmaid’s Tale, Atwood creates a marginalized society. Atwood’s writing techniques and different styles (switching back and forth between Offred’s current life as a Handmaid and her life before she was transported to Gilead) help the reader define the marginalization in each of the characters. The internal thoughts of Offred show the relationship between…


The Handmaid's Tale

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King George the Thried

King George the third King george was a person that became the king in 1700s back then when only he was twelve years old his father died in he became prince of whales after that he was a hard working kid he was cared for by his mother in was also tuturored for thing by…

European Union,



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An Analogy That Taught Me Something New

Erin McKean’s TED Talk “ The Joy of Lexicography” was interesting and funny. Erin made some good points on how the dictionary has changed. I remember having to buy a dictionary for school in the past. It was pretty easy to use. Looked up the words and didn’t have problems with it. I never really…




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Harriet Tubman and Nat Turner Abolitionists Against Slavery

Harriet Tubman and Nat Turner were abolitionists who strongly believed that all slaves should be free. Though they didnt succeed in some of their goals they inspired other abolitionist and slaves that they should fight for freedom. Nat turner was born into slavery in Virginia. As he was growing up he was known as a…

Harriet Tubman

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Harriet Tubman, a Woman of Color Who Helped Many Colored People Abandon Slavery

We sometimes wonder, “Why Study History?” History is made up of different people trying to make some sort of change, in our society. Harriet Tubman was a colored woman that helped slaves escape into freedom. The Bill of rights- 1st amendment, helped people gain their freedom. During the presidency of Lincoln, he made many changes…

Harriet Tubman

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