The Persistent Issue of the Unequal Treatment of People Based on Race

Updated August 1, 2022

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The Persistent Issue of the Unequal Treatment of People Based on Race essay

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We live in a world with unequal distribution of resources and biased privileges. However one thing has been integral in the American society and that is racism. Racism has been existent for decades in the American society where blacks have always been on the receiving end. From mistreatment to torture and slavery, all these are indicators of the persistent racial discrimination that is borrowed from our history. Though racism has been declared social problems and is being discouraged against, there are many indicators in the present world that prove the continuity of the vice. When black people are denied employment opportunities while white people are favored, that shows that racism lives amongst us.

Thesis statement

Racism is a destroyer of destinies and a weapon that can cause catastrophic effects on our society, and for that reason it should be stopped since it fosters hatred and perpetuates enmity among people of different races. Racism has historically led to revolutions and violent demonstrations as blacks and non-black abolitionists seek for equal treatment and equal rights as whites in the society. Historically, there are many events that reveal how vicious and deep the roots of racism were in the American society as this paper will reveal.

Understanding racism

Racism is an unethical act of fostering unequal treatment of people based on their race. People of a preferred race are given privileges and priorities while people of another race especially blacks are discriminated against and denied even the most basic right. Racism is a broad field since it has had various manifestations both in the past and in the modern world. This paper will research on some of the incidences both in the past and present that clearly illuminate the inequality and bias that is fostered by racism.

President Truman and Civil Rights

This source provides information on how African Americans participated in every historic American conflict and battle but they never received recognition for their actions. The source further states that the African Americans played a very important role in the World War II where they devotedly fought for America as units in Tuskegee and Buffalo units. These soldiers courageously fought for their country but they never received any recognition for their act. The soldiers never received any privileges, promotions nor equal treatment with white soldiers. It is this act of discrimination that propagated a pursuit for equal treatment after the World War II. Blacks needed to be treated fairly and to be liberal in the society as the American constitution stated. This was a wakeup call for President Truman who was known to be racist and out rightly biased towards the black community. It was time for him to do something about the civil rights despite his racial stands. It is believed that the civil rights movement emanated from this incidence where the blacks felt that they had contributed so much to the American dream and that they deserved an equal treatment as other races in America. This source is important as it contains some of the major events that resulted to civil rights revelation that demanded for equality for African Americans.

The Many Faces of Paul Robeson

Another area where racism has been prudent and evident at the same time is in sports. Many black sportsmen today face mockery and assault from both white sportsmen and white audiences. This is a historic problem that has persisted to modern sports. Paul Robeson was a vibrant black sports man who won set marks in more than four sports. Unfortunately at his time, racism was so coarse and he had a rough time dealing with white audiences who hated him. However, Paul turned his fame into a platform to fight for the rights of African Americans but that only caused his more trouble. In some cases he almost gets beaten up by whites for insisting on equal treatment. This source shows how racism has been integral in the society and how hard the fight against racism can be. https://www.archives.gov/education/lessons/robeson

Black Soldiers in the U.S. Military during the Civil War

Things have changed for the better in the modern world. This is because there was a time that African Americans were not allowed to join the military. The military back then could not trust black people to the extent of arming them. This unequal treatment also led to demonstrations from blacks wanting the government to recruit blacks in the military. It is a source that shows how far the fight against racism has come from hence it is an important source for this research.

The Panama Canal: The African American Experience

This is another source that further depicts the existence of racism in our past. During the construction and the operation of the Panama Canal, there were many races included such as Indians, Chinese and African American. However, the case of African Americans stands out. Due to their alien identity of being Americans and at the same time black, they were given some privileges for being Americans but the privileges would be dined to them by later systems because they were black. This source offers an insightful history of white supremacy and racism that is incorporated in the American Revolution.

Life of John F. Kennedy

Having being raised as a humble boy and served in the military, President Kennedy became president of America when the effects of racism had just started to bite. It is at this time that white and black children had been separated from school. It is also at this time that black soldiers valiantly fought enemies abroad and at the same time fought racism from home. The life of President Kennedy stipulates a leader who dreamt of a more civilized society with zero tolerance of racism. It is therefore a resourceful piece that to use for the research papers.
This research will further incorporate recent cases of racism and the effects that racism causes. The research will dig deeper to conduct a survey to establish how intensive the issue racism is in the modern society.


The Persistent Issue of the Unequal Treatment of People Based on Race essay

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