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My View on Personal Responsibility

The term “personal responsibility” could mean numerous things. To me, personal responsibility means being in control of what one has to do, whether it be during school, work, in public, etc. There are many characteristics of personal responsibility. Everyone has their own responsibilities. People need to learn how to become responsible for their own actions…

Personal Responsibility,


Privilege, Power and Social Class

Three factors that contribute to impacting counseling are privilege, power and social class. These begin to impact us as a counselor through our experiences in life. We may not realize the impact it will have on us until we proceed in our lives. Looking at Anthony’s story we can see how he was raised, changes…


Three Phase of Executing Change

Unfreezing Before Change This first phase of change consists in preparing the organization to accept what is needed and involves breaking the existing status quo before building a new way of operating. The key to this is in developing a compelling message showing the ‘why’ that the existing way of doing things can not continue….



Anthropology Research of Family

Introduction This fieldwork took place in Free State, Botshabelo Section H on the 15th September 2018 till the 18th September. A study was found that in the African content there are various definitions to the term family, what it consists and how it is defined by different people from different cultures. There are three different…




My Dream Vacation

One of my biggest goals in life is to travel the world. Everyone has a dream vacation and everyone’s dream vacation is different. There are people that would like to be by the beach tanning with a drink in their hand or there are people that would rather be in the forest in a cabin…



Social Class Structure and Power

In modern day American culture, class structure is as greatly divided as its ever been. For the first time ever, there is not a true middle class, with the majority of the people categorized in two classes: the upper or the lower. Because of this growing trend, American realist authors analyze class structure in different…


Social Class

Change is Necessary

The process of change is ever present in the business world. If a company does not change, it can falter. Imagine if Netflix had not changed their working model to the streaming service seen today or if certain stores such as Target, Kohl’s or Macy’s did not begin to offer the option to buy online…



Social Media and Self Esteem

Did you recognize that 60% of social media users say that it’s impacted their self-esteem in a very negative way? There are many alternative aspects to social media and its relationship with mental state, and in some cases they have been shown. Social media impacts people’s self-esteem negatively by comparison, cyber-bullying, and the users hunger…

Self Esteem,

Social Media

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