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Stop Thinking With a Fixed Mindset and Instead Think With a Growth Mindset

Pages 2 (493 words)

Growth Mindset



Most people are aware of America’s illiteracy problem, otherwise known as people’s inability to read or write. However, what they may not be aware of is a bigger problem called innumeracy. Innumeracy is a person’s inability to comprehend mathematical concepts and methods. According to a research study conducted by the U.S. Department of Education’s National…

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Alternate Path From Regular Heroes

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My Hero

This movie circles around two detectives working on a homicide case of a cop that was recently killed while undercover. Throughout this movie, there are times when certain things are done by police procedure and other times when that doesn’t occur. When looking at race and fairness in the movie I think the most interesting…

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Empowering Education in the Digital Age: Embracing Phones within School Walls

Pages 3 (551 words)

Cell Phone


Introduction In an era defined by the digital revolution, smartphones have evolved from mere communication devices to powerful tools that shape our daily lives. As discussions around their place in educational institutions persist, it becomes evident that allowing smartphones in schools can offer profound advantages. This essay dives into the multifaceted reasons why integrating phones…

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Navigating the Tapestry of Sociological Concepts

Pages 2 (436 words)



Introduction Societal dynamics and human interactions are intricate webs woven by a multitude of factors. Sociological concepts serve as the compass to navigate this complexity, offering insights into the patterns, norms, and forces that shape our collective existence. This essay embarks on an expedition through fundamental sociological concepts, including culture, social institutions, social change, and…

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Patient Nurse Interaction Video Reflection

Pages 3 (706 words)

Becoming A Nurse




Therapeutic communication is the cornerstone of all nurse-patient interactions and is essential to conducting a successful patient interview. A nurse must establish rapport and build therapeutic relationships with patients in order to gather comprehensive and relevant information. Throughout a patient interview, the nurse utilizes therapeutic communication techniques to encourage a patient to share their story….

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Internalized Racism in Small Children

Pages 4 (959 words)

African American Culture

Jim Crow Laws


The southern United States in the Jim Crow era was a tragic time for African Americans still living there. Even more tragic was that mind set followed the persons, who lived through it, everywhere they went. Growing up in that environment made the individual think they were less in their fates than their adjacent white…

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Galileo Galilei Has Been Interested in Space Since Childhood

Pages 2 (471 words)


Galileo Galilei


Staring into the unknown, I get lost. Turn on the flashlight, look into the binoculars, and stare. With squinting eyes, pointing fingers, and a flashlight in my hand, I was the nerdy eight-year-old who had an obsession with the night sky. Outer space holds many wonders. Imagine, illuminated celestial bodies— unified, yet so distant —…

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A Self-Evaluation on the Prowess of Writing Skills Evaluation

Pages 5 (1 200 words)



Self Evaluation

Coming into WRT 150, I would say that I was an inexperienced writer. Although I was only one ACT point away from taking WRT 160, I am glad that I had to take WRT 150 first. I did not feel that I was prepared in high school for college writing. I did not know much…

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The Injustices Faced by the Human Race in Letters from Birmingham Jail, an Inspirational Letter by Martin Luther King Jr.

Pages 3 (605 words)




Injustice is a constant in the circle of life. There has not been a time in known human histow where injustice didn’t have some sort of presence. In many different civilizations across the world and human history, injustices have been pushed upon a certain group of people. Since the black slave trade existed, people have…

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How Dynamic System Theory is Helpful in Explaining Stan’s and Tina’s Social Environments

Pages 5 (1 074 words)

Critical Race Theory




Well, dynamic systems theory or just systems theory can be used to develop a holist approach and is then applied to the person in their environment, where many systems can then closely connect and impact one another. We need to look at how a person interacts within their environment to determine the best course of…

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