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The Main Romantic Scene of Titanic

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In this particular scene, it only focused on the two main characters. The framing or positioning of Jack and Rose is located quite on the left side. The director or the movie producer did that for the watchers to in any case observe the astounding excellence of the sunset. They utilized this sort of set-…

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Developing a Career Plan for My Future

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Career Plan

In my time at KU, I would like to have successfully completed all my courses and graduated in 4 years. Also in that time I would have liked to establish a stable social group of friends and people that I can rely on always. But id rather not fail or even get a D in…

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An Analysis of the Novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Pages 5 (1 061 words)




Jane Austen’s novel, Pride and Prejudice, shows us how status, wealth, and class were valued by people living in the late 18th century. In the beginning, we are introduced to a large family of many unmarried young women who are fond of a successful man known as Mr. Bingley. Although none of the women have…

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A Self-Evaluation on the Prowess of Writing Skills Evaluation

Pages 5 (1 200 words)



Self Evaluation

Coming into WRT 150, I would say that I was an inexperienced writer. Although I was only one ACT point away from taking WRT 160, I am glad that I had to take WRT 150 first. I did not feel that I was prepared in high school for college writing. I did not know much…

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Self-Evaluation; No Stereotypes, We’re Just Humans Living Human Lives

Pages 4 (978 words)



Self Evaluation

At the beginning of the quarter I had little information about my own beliefs and religion, I just knew the aspects of Buddhism and Hinduism felt right. I was always that one kid who was living inside his mind, and so it just fit. When the quarter began and I started doing these different assignments…

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The Portrayal of Bravery in Amy Tan’s Short Story “Rules of the Game”

Pages 4 (828 words)




As brave as she already was, she stood up and became braver. Standing up made her verly is a 9 year old Chinese-American girl who was brave and whether it was right or wrong in what she did, it is not easy to stand up against your mother. In the fictional short story, “Rules of…

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The Injustices Faced by the Human Race in Letters from Birmingham Jail, an Inspirational Letter by Martin Luther King Jr.

Pages 3 (605 words)




Injustice is a constant in the circle of life. There has not been a time in known human histow where injustice didn’t have some sort of presence. In many different civilizations across the world and human history, injustices have been pushed upon a certain group of people. Since the black slave trade existed, people have…

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Grief Experienced by Children After the Separation of Their Parents

Pages 11 (2 716 words)




This paper was difficult to write because I had problems finding a topic that would fit my professional identity, include the population I will be working with for at least the first two semesters I am doing my practicum, and the new theory I decided to utilize. I chose to focus on the population I…

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One Incident During Winter Holidays

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Winter Break

My story begins at the age of nine. I am dressed in my traditional attire with my makeup and hair done, ready for my first ever performance of Bharatnatyam- an Indian classical dance. I still remember how nervous I was on that day. I could hear me breathe and feel my pulse. But as the…

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Hero Plot Development

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My Hero


A hero is someone who gives of himself, often putting his own life at great risk, for the greater good of others. Similarly, the 13-year-old protagonist, Crispin, in Avi’s novel Crispin: The Cross of Lead, is indeed heroic. Crispin decided to take multiple risks, that could’ve cost him his life, because of his care for…

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